Are You Ready to Take the Plunge to a Hybrid Car?

Whether we like it or not, for most of us we use our cars, trucks, vans or suv’s almost daily.  When I get ready to fill up my gas tank I am hit hard in the pocket with the realization of just how expensive each tank of gas truly is.  I like having my vehicles paid for.  They are not fancy.  They are not new.  They are however mine (rather my husband’s and mine).

When we took our recent road trip to Florida in August we discussed our traveling options.  We knew we would be driving as we had multiple destinations.   With our mini-van being older and getting only 17 miles to the gallon we calculated the costs and decided it would be well worth renting a smaller, more fuel-efficient car for our drive.  What a difference it was to get an average of 30-35 miles to the gallon compared to what we were use to!

2012 toyota prius front view 2012 Toyota PriusWhile we were on our trip we spent some time discussing what we would want to do some time in the future (distant future) about getting another more fuel-efficient vehicle.   My sister and brother-in-law just purchased a new Toyota Prius hybrid at the beginning of the year.  I didn’t realize just how many options there truly are now for hybrids.  Did you know that when I was checking out Toyota V dealers there are now 4 different Prius hybrids, including a plug-in that can be charged right  from home?  It can get up to 95 mpg!  Although the charge only lasts an average of 13 miles, that is truly amazing!

While at times it is easy to reason that the amount we would save in fuel would quickly help cover some of the payment, a hybrid is far from our budget right now.  What is your opinion, do you think one should save and pay cash for a vehicle your family owns that is not fuel efficient (but it is yours) or purchase a more fuel-efficient hybrid and have a payment?

Sometime in the future I would love the opportunity to own a fuel-efficient hybrid!

What type of vehicle does your family drive?  Would you be willing to trade in your gas guzzler for a hybrid car? 

Today’s post was brought to you by your local Toyota V Dealers.   As always, all opinions shared are 100% my own.

13 thoughts on “Are You Ready to Take the Plunge to a Hybrid Car?”

  1. I just test drove a hybrid car for a week and loved it. I would definitely like to go with a hybrid when we buy a new car if we can afford it.

    *By the way, there’s a spelling error in your title – Plung, I think you meant Plunge. Just thought you’d like to know.

  2. My husband was just talking about getting an electric car for my next car! He just traded in his old gas-guzzler for a Honda Fit and it’s amazing the money he’s saving at the pump!

    1. Even if we can’t afford a hybrid, getting another vehicle like our Honda Accord would even make such a huge difference in gas prices! If the Fit were bigger I would go for it. It would be hard to fit two car seats in the back.

  3. Margaux @ YoungNesters

    I’m glad you’re writing about this. We’re in the position that we will probably get a second car within the next year and have been discussing out options as well.

  4. We desperately need a new car, but we just don’t have the cash right now. We are saving up, but its such a distant thought that we haven’t discussed what type of vehicle we’ll get as of yet.

    WOW on 13 miles of charged mileage, that is pretty amazing!

  5. Our van gets about 20 mpg and with my husband’s commute, we NEED to upgrade to something more fuel efficient. Good call on renting one for your trip.

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