I Took the #YogaPantChallenge with Depend® Active Fit

Being a mom with four little ones, to say that I am always on the go is an understatement. I am constantly chasing little ones, up and down and everywhere in between.

I have learned to accept that with all the medication I have had to take during my pregnancies I may never get back to my pre-baby body and that is okay.  Do I love my current body?  Flat out, no.  But I do have to appreciate that my body is the way it is now, because I have four beautiful blessings.  Each stretch mark represents the fact that my body was home to these amazing little people.  For 2 3/4 years, 142 weeks, 994 days, my body cared for and grew these amazing little blessings.

This year I am inspired to really get back in shape.  The doctors have told me I probably will not loose much of the weight, but I can still get back in shape.  That isn’t the only battle scar I am left from my pregnancies, my bladder isn’t what it use to be either.  And oh boy did it change with each one, and not for the better!

This month, I was challenged to take the #YogaPantChallenge with Depend® Active Fit from Walmart.  At first I giggled and thought how could I do that or talk about it on my blog, but the bottom line is, it shouldn’t be a taboo subject.  LBL becomes a part of life, ugly or not.

So what did I find out about Depend’s Silhouette Active Fit Briefs for Women?  First off, they are comfortable.  They look just like regular panties, really smooth under my clothes.  They aren’t something I need daily, but when I’m doing an activity that I know will prove problematic, the cotton-like fabric and thin design makes the comfortable to wear.  They are now available in 2 colors, beige and black.

So what did the Yoga Pant Challenge entail?  I had my 8 year old take 2 photos of me in yoga pants, one while wearing the Depend Active Fit Brief and one wearing my normal everyday stuff 🙂  Can you tell the difference? My eight year old was my photographer and we are still working on him being steady while he takes photos. 🙂

Since it is REAL, if you suffer from bladder leakage, why not take the #yogapantchallenge yourself! 

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