Having Imaginative Play This Summer with Polly Pockets

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Polly Pocket. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Polly Pocket 1   Do you have a little one that enjoys playing make believe?  I sure do!  As a child, my dolls were something I treasured, they were played with each and every day.  At four I broke my femur bone and was confined to a body cast for a couple of months.  Then I spent a great deal of time indoors as a result.

Although I want to be sure my children get to spend a great deal of time being active and enjoying the outdoors, I also want them to be  content playing with toys, not just games or electronics.  Playing with toys, especially dolls for girls inspires imaginative playing.

Polly Pocket 2

When I was offered Polly Pockets for my daughter I couldn’t refuse.  She loves dolls and is especially found of her smaller dolls.  Most of what she has are cloth or wooden so she was excited to have some like the ones she plays with at my Father’s house (that were purchased by Nana).

I love that Polly Pockets are portable and due to their small nature can be taken anywhere!   This is perfect as we are making lots of trips back and forth to Little Rock and the kids are deciding which toys they can’t live without.  She and Austin already have decided that the Polly Pockets need to make the journey with us!

Polly POcket 3

The Polly Pocket Wall Tree House was placed on Addie’s wall and she loves it!  How could she not since it has a slide, a telescope and a wind up bucket swing.  Not to mention the fact it also included a cute little white kitty and all the accessories have suction cups on the bottom to help assist in not loosing them.  It uses the Command brand damage-free hanging system so it went up with no nails or screws and will be so easy to remove.

Polly Pockets 4

The Zipline Adventure Pool is of course a huge hit!  What child doesn’t like a zipline with an ending making a splash in a pool!  The pool comes complete with an upper reservoir that once full, cascades like a waterfall into the pool below!   They love that they are using real water and the Polly included in this set actually has a strip of hair that changes color with the temperature.

Both sets are a perfect way to spend time this summer full of imaginative play!

We are trying out something new and you are actually able to purcahse these Polly Pockets sets directly from Amazon right off my blog! Isn’t that cool! So if you are looking for something to keep your child entertained this summer, I would highly recommend checking them out!

I would love to know which set you think would be your child’s favorite!

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