Instead of Getting New-Why Not Refinish, Repurpose or Recycle

We truly live in a disposable society.  I had a friend living in a foreign country before the recession hit once tell me that as a part of that country’s New Year Celebration, most of the people would go out and get rid of their furniture and replace it for the New Year.  Can you imagine, each and every year getting new furniture?  What exactly did they do with the old furniture?  Well, it was put by the side of the road to be hauled off or taken off for free for someone looking for furniture.  Since my friend was a frugal person and was overseas from her home, she was delighted to be able to almost fully furnish her new overseas home with free furniture.

Why am I sharing Cindy’s story?  To simply point out the mindset that so many people have, when things start to wear down get something new rather than repair it!  Or in their case, nothing was wrong for most of them, that was just the tradition to start fresh, even if there were years of usable life left.  Granted, things are not made to last for the most part like they were 50 years ago but we have gotten so far from the habit of actually fixing and repairing items rather than replacing them.

Food for Thought

Have you ever thought of the many ways a piece of furniture could be refinished or reused in some other way?  If you have a solid wood piece of furniture, why not strip it down, sand it and refinish it to look new?  With just a little bit of elbow grease and maybe just the cost of sand paper and stain you could have a beautiful piece of furniture!

Have a piece of furniture that is outdated?  Could maybe just updating the hardware make it look new again?

Do you have a piece of furniture that is no longer being for its original purpose, why not get creative and see what other way you could give life to it, like this piece of furniture that was upcycled into a children’s kitchen!

What about old, worn down patio furniture?  Why not look into what type of patio furniture repairs you could do?  Sometimes a new coat of paint or new fabric can do the trick!  If more is involved, many times it is less expensive to hire a professional to do the repairs than it is to replace it.

What We Do

The next time you are tempted to replace a piece of furniture or are in need of something, why not first try to give some life back to an old piece?

You will be saving some green while helping the environment and keeping waste out of our landfills!

This was a sponsored post written by myself on behalf of PatioGuys.  All opinions expressed are my own.

4 thoughts on “Instead of Getting New-Why Not Refinish, Repurpose or Recycle”

  1. I, too, am a fan of reuse, repurpose and I love saving space in the landfill.

  2. I am a huge fan of re-finishing, repurposing and recycling everything from furniture to clothes. We have two refinished dressers in our home that I absolutely love. The wood had seen better days but they had great bones, so a nice refinishing job was all it took to make them into something really special.

  3. I love all the creative repurposing going on with old furniture … particularly with outdated entertainment armoires! Thanks for prompting your readers to rethink their trash!

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