Introducing Your Little One to Solids


I remember what it was like with my first child. I was so nervous about doing everything right. I read books on how many minutes of tummy time to give the baby, when to start introducing him to solids and when to introduce baby food. How to help him start sitting, crawling, walking. All the above.

I have learned to relax a little since having three more and learned to let the baby take the lead. Most guidelines are just that, guidelines. Some babies are ready for certain things a little sooner, others take just a bit longer. Watch for signs that show that your little one might be ready to take the next step. Like with eating. All of mine started showing signs of wanting more than just breastfeeding. When they reach the age they start to become aware that we are eating something and they are not, they seemed to really watch the hand to mouth movements. They tried to start grabbing utensils and even food while we were eating.


Some children once they become supported sitters are ready to be introduced to GERBER CEREALS before they are ready to move onto solids. With the ability to mix it yourself, you can mix a perfect ratio of cereal to breast milk or formula. It allows you to start with a thin texture and move to a more solid one as the baby is ready to be spoon fed. I didn’t start my children on any type of foods at all until they were after six months, but some babies are ready at four months.

As your baby grows and develops into toddlerhood, so do their tastes and nutritional needs. Next we start slowing introducing them to single puree foods. As their little bodies start to grow, their taste buds do also. My children really enjoy eating fresh fruits and vegetables. I think that a lot of that has to do with the fact that I introduced them to the children very young and continued feeding them a variety of fresh fruits and veggies as part of our daily diet.


As they start to explore tastes and textures adding in GERBER CEREALS changes it up by adding another a dimension.  Along with adding in extra texture and flavor, 2 servings a day provides them with 90% of the iron their little bodies need.  With several different grain options, rice, oatmeal and multigrain, you can deliver a multitude of nutrients such as Zinc, Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and six B Vitamins.

I am on the picky side with what I will feed my little ones and I feel comfortable giving them GERBER CEREALS since they are a NON-GMO product.


I am one who thinks it can’t hurt to wait a bit longer than suggested.  If you have a little one, take notice of how they are acting around foods.  When they are ready to start trying something a little bit more solid, head over to Walmart and pick up some GERBER CEREAL for your little one.

Question is, which GERBER CEREAL flavor will you try first?

P.S. Once your little one has outgrown cereal, head over and see how we use it in these delicious Donut Glazed Muffins.

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