Join Me at the #LEDSavings Twitter Party 4/30


LEDSavings-Twitter-Party-4-30Photo Credit: Raising Dick and Jane

Looking for ways to save money and energy? GE LEDs are the new way to light!  GE LED light bulbs use incandescent light that lasts 15x longer than traditional incandescent bulbs and uses 80% less energy, they last longer yet have the same lighting quality as your old bulbs.   Now that’s exciting!  As an added bonus, GE LEDs contain no mercury and are not hot to touch on top.  To discover more reasons why these light bulbs are great way to light your home, join us as we talk GE LEDs and other ways to save money and energy.

We often don’t think much about changing out our light bulbs until they go out.  Imagine if you had light bulbs that lasted 13 years!  That is just what you will get with the GE LED’s!   So be sure to join us as we share this time and money saving light bulb with you!

Join me at the #LEDSavings Twitter Party on SoFabChats!

DATE: Wednesday, April 30, 2014

TIME: 1-2 ET

PRIZES: 5 – $100 Visa gift cards

EARLY BIRD: 1 – $50 Visa gift card

RSVP: #LEDSavings Party Page

LOCATION:  SoFabChats Tweet Grid

HOST: @LaughWithUsBlog

CO HOSTS: @formulamom, @FrugalGreenMama, @7onashoestring

PARTY RULES:#LedSavings Official Rules



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