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For those that know me really well, they know I can be on the freakish side of being germ conscious.  The children are use to washing their hands frequently, including the baby.  I would love to say that my house is organized and tidy at all times, but that would be far from the truth!  Despite vacuuming three times a day, there are always things the baby manages to find and ever so quickly place in her mouth, there are always a pile (or two) of papers waiting to be sorted and there is always clutter.

Clutter and I don’t get along too well, actually is can be a downright source of anxiety for me.  With three children, there is no way to get around clutter, a full day’s worth of cleaning can be undone in a matter of moments.  The only way to manage it now is to have the children help!  The two older children have gotten to be old enough to really have a share in helping to keep things tidy, so we have transitioned into using chore charts.

Frozen Printable Chore Charts Blog #ad #EurekaPowerBeing a list lover myself, my children started asking for checklists around the time we started homeschooling.  They get joy out of checking items off their list, almost as much as I love crossing off mine.  As we started having them have a more active share in chores, chore charts were the perfect solution.  To make it fun, we created a few Frozen themed chore charts.

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We use a reward system with our chore charts and they receive a portion of their allowance, based upon if they finish their lists.  Some families do not believe in rewarding their children for chores, as they are expected to participate in family chores.  In our family, allowance is not just a given, it is a reward.  Chores are an expectation.  We feel the two go hand-in-hand.

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There are simple things the children are expected to do and then there are extra things the children can help out with that go above their assigned chores.  Both of my children love to help with washing dishes, what kid doesn’t love playing in the water?  Laundry is another extra they love to help with.  They both to help with folding the never ending towel loads and sock piles.

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Vacuuming is another task that literally happens three to four times a day at our house.  I don’t know about your kids, but mine make unbelievable messes!  The babies new phase is to feed the floor when she is finished eating.  I am not sure who make more of a mess, the baby, the older kids eating or our craftiness!

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With all our messes, (and soon to be moving a home with 1,300 sq feet of carpet) I have been in the market for a new vacuum cleaner that could tackle ALL our messes.  The Eureka SuctionSeal 2.0 vacuum at Walmart (on rollback at Walmart from $148.88 to $129) looked like the perfect choice.

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It was pink, oh that was a fun perk but seriously, I love that it can transition from a carpet to bare floors with the click of a button.  It has a SuctionSeal that allows the plates to raise and lower against the surface so it is able to maintain suction and seal without scattering debris.

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With the air speed technology, it uses a wide tube of air with minimal bends and twists so that the air moves freely and through a more direct path.  I can tell such a drastic difference in this vacuum, over my previous one.  With one pass, it picks up everything in the way!  You can see more about the Eureka SuctionSeal 2.0 on the video below.

No matter how old your children are, they can be taught to have a meaningful share in keeping your home clean and tidy, and maybe have a share in keeping your sanity too!

If you want to save paper, you can place the chore charts in a protective cover and use a dry erase marker.   Download the printable chore charts by clicking the desired link that will take you to a google document to print. Anna & Elsa printable chore chart, Olaf printable chore chart & Chalkboard printable chore chart.

What chores do your children have on their chore chart?

Frozen images for the chore charts are from: Wonders Of Disney

4 thoughts on “Keep Kids Motivated to Clean with Frozen Chore Chart Printables #EurekaPower #ad”

  1. Other than keeping their room clean, etc., about the only thing extra on their chore chart is loading and emptying the dishwasher. That and folding their own clothes.

  2. I am in love with those chore charts! I struggle getting my kids to do their chores. They no longer think it is fun to wash dishes, do their laundry or vacuum. I think we need a new printable chore chart that they like.

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