Keep Track of Everything That Matters (Plus Giveaway)

Daily it seems that I am searching for things that I misplace.  My keys, the remote and especially my phone are items I seem to search for on a daily basis.  I think that is fairly normal for many of us.  Then there are big things we lose that really leave us yearning to find them if they are misplaced, the things that contain memories, are big expenses or just special things we have grown especially attached too.

All of my children have especially precious possessions.  None of them have a lot of value materially but to my children, they are priceless.

My family vacationed at Great Wolf Lodge and Miss B came home with a new stuffed furry pet, “Wolf Pup.”  She has always been very attached to her stuffed animals and slept with a few very special friends nightly.  Wolf Pup quickly joined the ranks of most prized.

Wolf Pup has lots of adventures with Miss B.  She has been to the airport, traveled to Florida, stayed at Disney and most recently, ventured with us to Branson, Missouri.  She loves to swim, because she takes baths often in the wash machine due to all the fun on her adventures.  She is so attached that I often remind her of the possibility before we are headed out to go somewhere that Wolf Pup could get lost.

I can’t tell you the times we have turned the house upside down at bedtime because Wolf Pup is hiding and we can’t find her.  Miss B would not sleep without her for quite some time.

With our most recent trip, I didn’t worry like I had on previous trips.  I didn’t want to lose Wolf Pup but I wasn’t overly worried because this time she proudly wore a Tile.

The Tile Mate is a tiny device that helps things find their way back home if they get lost.  Miss B loved that it added a fancy charm to Wolf Pup’s collar.  The Tile Mate is small enough that you can easily hook, stick, or slide it onto anything you don’t want to lose.

You connect the Tile Mate with the Tile App via Bluetooth.  Once I downloaded the app, then I had the two paired and up and running it about a minute.  With the color ring on the app, you can see if you are close to the item.  If you can’t locate it, with the press of button you can send an alarm to the Tile Mate that will make it beep so you can find your special possession.

Nobody likes losing stuff, especially when it’s something special. When something is lost, Tile helps you bring it back home.  Those in the Tile community all share the same security, because “together we find!”

Visit to see the full story of how Tile helps a stuffed panda find his way home in the “Lost Panda” film.

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Must be 18+ years of age and a US resident to win.  Happy winnings!

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209 thoughts on “Keep Track of Everything That Matters (Plus Giveaway)”

  1. I would use it on everything. I would start with my keys, then I can reverse find my phone, I would put in in my laptop bag and in my suitcase when I travel!

  2. I would put it on my sweetheart’s wallet- he ALWAYS thinks he lost it when it is just in the house somewhere. It would save use tons of time and stress.

  3. I would use it on my wallet. I lose my wallet at least two to three times a week. I don’t like to carry a purse so every time we are scrambling to find it my husband tells me to pack a purse. This would be perfect to help me find it.

  4. Ironically enough, I’ dlove to use it on my phone! But considering that wouldn’t work, I’d use it on my wallet and keys. Two horrible things to lose!

  5. Katrina Brockavich

    I would use this on my phone, because I’m always setting it down and can’t find it again! The only thing I really worry about losing of my kids’ is my daughter’s shoes, and I don’t think this would fit well on tiny shoes! LOL

  6. It would probably be ridiculous to use it on my glasses…I’ll have to say I’d use it on my handbag. I seem to put it down in a different place every time I come inside.

    1. I have one on my keys too! But we have had lots of tears and a very frustrated mama looking for wolf pup so it only made sense. Now it is easier to find at bedtime or nap time.

    1. That’s smart! I remember the feeling so well. I had to wear my license badge and my name tag together so if I misplaced them, I couldn’t work. Great idea!

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