Easy Kid Craft Paper Mini Photo Books

As an HP Smart Mom Panel member, I received free products to create fun #StickaPic projects. The opinions expressed in this post is my own.

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As a child I remember sitting and flipping through the photos in our family photo boxes quite often. I would listen to my mom and dad tell us about stories and memories. Some from before I was born, and others I would get to relive myself. I loved it.

Once I was old enough, I started keeping my own photo boxes and shortly after, photo albums and scrapbooks. I still have many of the photos, ticket stubs and items I kept that held a memory. Looking back on those photos can be like taking a step back in time. Some of them I can remember like yesterday. I love being able to look back and relive many of those moments.

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Now that my children are old enough to really have those memories themselves, I want to make sure that they also have photos to look back on. Something tangible they can hold and look through that helps to take them back. I had great plans to create project life photo books with the kids this year but so far that just hasn’t happened.

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I have literally hundreds of photos just from our Disney trip in May alone and the kids have been begging me to print them. When HP offered for us to try out their new HP Social Media Snapshots photo paper, I knew it was an awesome chance create an easy kid craft paper photo book to let them celebrate some of their favorite moments captured during our Disney trip.

We had a blast just trying to decide what their favorite moments were. They loved looking through the endless photos stored in my phone and remembering the moments. Their little brains don’t forget anything! Austin quickly knew which “moments” were his favorite and was first to find his photos. Addie took a bit more time to decide, she wanted to include everything.

This were just mini photo books so they did have to decide, but in the end they were able to decide and even print the photos they choose directly from my cell phone with the help of the HP Social Media Snapshots app. Check out exactly how the app works here, it is so easy to print from your phone and social media accounts!

HP Photo book supplies_0987

Then we were able to gather our supplies and make our mini photo books. This can be as simple or elaborate as you would like. We decided to make them simple with heavy cardstock we had on hand.

The Snapshots photo paper is a 4″ x 5″ so I cut the cardstock into 6″ x 6″ pieces. This allowed the kids to decorate their pages if they wanted to. I choose to allow the kids to add 8 photos (plus one for the front cover) so we needed 5 pieces of cardstock.

HP Photobook_1001

They started by first laying out their pages with photos and then added on the embellishments they wanted to decorate with.  We kept it pretty simple with stickers mainly but I gave them freedom to choose what they wanted on each page.  Can you believe I had all of this in my crafting stash?

HP photo book social media snapshots paper_0995

The HP Social Media Snapshot photo paper is perfect for this project because of the sticky back. You literally just peel and stick! This makes is so easy for the kids to have some independence to create these on their own.

HP photobook_1005

I used a Mickey Mouse washi tape to strengthen where I was going to use a paper punch to hold them together.  I ran it down one side of each of the pieces of paper, then I punched a shape with a hole punch.

HP photobook_1015

To put them together I used circle rings I had on hand.  This will allow the kids to easily flip the pages and we can always add more pages later.

HP photo book 1030

They had a great time putting their photo books together but even more so, will enjoy countless moments reliving the memories, sharing them with friends and remembering the feelings of happiness and joy they experienced then.

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Most of us snap photos everyday, now is the time to get them off our phones and into our lives!

What occasion will you print photos from your smartphone to create a mini photo book?

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