Kiwi Crate Fun Box-All About Bugs!

This beautiful green box showed up again this month and the kids were extremely excited to open it!  This month’s box was all about BUGS! 

We started taking items of the box and the kids were excited they spotted paint!  Since it was nearing close to dinner time and this Mama wasn’t up for a mess, I decided I would let the children make the fireflies that were included and we would wait to activate the lights until close to dark.  Addie was more than pleased with th two sheets of bright stickers I placed in front of her to cover her bottle with.  After I showed them how to place them on the bottles, I started working on preparing dinner and the kids started having fun with their stickers.

Austin was so proud of his fire-fly when we were finished.  He loved the little eyes we placed on the cork!

Obviously he wasn’t the only one excited!

Here is a photo in the dark of how well they illuminated-the kids were ecstatic!  We used the string they came with to make the zip line and Austin thought it was the coolest idea.  We attached one end to the door and then raised the line for the fire-fly to go.  Then we lowered it to the floor and it came back to us.

Sunday the kids had a blast painting!  There were bug shaped sponges included but mine were very interested in using the paint brushes.  There were also bug flash cards with info on them and bug pencils included as well.

This box was great fun for the kids!  The Kiwi Crate usually is $19.95 a month delivered to your door and includes 2-3 fun activities for your child.  If you have more than one, you can have extra materials added for even more supplies!  Right now, if you use this link, you will receive a $10.00 credit making your first box only $9.95.  You can then keep the boxes coming or cancel at any time.

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