Adorable Handmade Love Cards from Kiwi Crate

We have had a Kiwi Crate love ever since receiving our first box.  Everything we have received from Kiwi Crate has been of the highest quality and so well thought out with children my kid’s age in mind.  In our box this month (which I will be sharing a bit later), contained a few of the handmade cards from the Kiwi Crate that you can purchase from the Kiwi Crate limited edition shop.

Addie was beyond excited to have spotted the “bug eyes” in the package.  It was so simple for her to put it together herself and what kids doesn’t like bug eyes and a glue stick?

We first pulled out the tab that allows the pop-art to stand out.  The she glued the tip of the card together, glued the eyes in place and glued her lady bug on the card.  It was so simple and yet it is so cute.

The difficult part, deciding who she wanted to send her card to!

Handmade Love Cards

The full size kits contains:

  • 24 pop-up cards
  • 36 punchouts
  • Glue stick
  • Set of 10 washable markers
  • Wiggly eyes
  • Sticky-back jewels
  • Plus: 2 blank cards to create a DIY pop-up card design

If you are looking for a simple way for your child to be involved in making cards, this is an awesome set from Kiwi Crate for $14.95 & shipping.

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