Kiwi Crate: The Perfect Summer Fun Activities

This month we received another box in the mail that was green in color and both the kids got so excited.  I knew they were thinking it was our monthly Kiwi Crate box but it wasn’t.  This box was much smaller and actually didn’t contain anything in it for them.  They were quite disappointed.  I reassured them it had been shipped and arrive any day.  The next day, there was our green Kiwi Crate box waiting for us at the Post Office.  Sometimes I wait a few days to open it but the kids were very eager!

1-2012-05-18 14.44.35

Featured Friends Kiwi Crate Box

This box’s theme was “Feathered Friends” and can you think of what it might have included?

Wouldn’t you know contained materials to make your little one into a bird!  Or at least a bird costume!

Kiwi Crate May birds Collage

Everything that was needed to make a bird mask was included, complete with colored feathers, a few actual bird feathers as well as three different beaks that velcro on so they are able to be changed out.

Kiwi Crate May Mask Collage

The kids had a great time creating their own masks and deciding how they wanted to place their feathers.

The wings were already cut out and had holes punched in the top so they could string elastic string through.  This required a little patience on the children’s part but is an excellent exercise!  Then ends we looped so they could wear them around their thumbs or in Addie’s case she wanted her wrists.

Kiwi Crate May birds 1

Can you imagine the noises that were made in my house that afternoon?

Kiwi Crate May Funny Faces

Addie had a great time just playing with the punch-out from the beaks.  Some of the best smiles come from the funniest things.

The next activity included was to paint bird eggs and create a nest.  We started on the eggs first.  Each child had two large eggs and Austin started creating dots with a crayon first.  Addie did her dots a little close and then asked if they could be Mickey dots?  Why not!  So we made one egg of each of the kids with Mickey dots.

Kiwi Crate May Egg Collage

They had a blast painting the eggs themselves but then again what child doesn’t love to paint?

The nests were glue + string = FUN!

Addie said she was making pasta as she stirred her string.  She liked trying to place in on the bowl to dry but once her hands were sticky she decided she wanted me to take over.

Kiwi Crate May Egg2 Collage

After waiting for it to dry overnight, then we removed the string from the bowl to have a really cool nest!

A few other activities ideas were also included in the box, including wooden spoons to have an egg race.  I love having a subscription to Kiwi Crate because it allows us to pick any time that suits our family, open the box and have all the materials we need to complete a craft or activity usually from start to finish.

1-2012-05-18 14.40.35

The summer months are a perfect time to try out a Kiwi Crate subscription!  Here is a sneak peak into the coming month’s themes:

June – Nature Explorers

  • Create a tin punch-style lantern that really lights up
  • Build a nature collection box for a scavenger hunt
  • Constellation Cards that can be used to learn all about the night sky

July – Wonders of Water

  • Create a sturdy floating sailboat
  • Create watercolor animals using color-diffusing paper and a spray bottle
  • Water experiments to learn about buoyancy, surface tension and other properties of water

August – Fun with Flight

  • Build retro style rockets that really fly!
  • Construct and decorate your own kite
  • Make your own paper flyers

Can you say we are going to have a summer packed with fun? I am excited for the Nature Crate but Austin is most excited about the Fun with Flight Crate.  Rockets and kites were all he needed to see to ask if we could get that one next!

The Kiwi Crate boxes are $19.95 a month shipped or you can purchase a sibling crate that includes enough for two children to complete the activity for $27.95 a month.  It is a subscription service but you are able to cancel or pause your subscription at any time.  They also have various single crate options that range in price.

We have been purchasing the Kiwi Crate boxes for over a year now and I personally feel they are worth every penny.  My children love them!  If you are a new member you can sign-up here for a kiwi crate code to get $10 off your first order.

15 thoughts on “Kiwi Crate: The Perfect Summer Fun Activities”

  1. LOVE this idea box! I’m totally going to check out Kiwi Crate. Looks like it makes it easy to spend time crafting and bonding with your kids 😉

    1. The boxes have some really unique ideas and each month we are never disappointed! Although it isn’t hard to craft with kids, there are times it is nice to sit down, open a box and have everything you need!

    1. I have given both of my nieces and my nephew gift boxes as well! They love them and are an awesome gift to give.

    1. Thanks Leila! My kids loved it and it is such a fun way to spend the afternoon together that doesn’t require pre-planning!

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