Kiwi’s Crate Box of Fun – Secret Agent!

It has been several months since I have actually shared with you our Kiwi Crate box and I can’t actually wait for this month’s box to arrive to celebrate Earth Day!   Today was finally the day that we opened our March’s Kiwi Crate box to experience the Secret Agent box!  We had a preview while we were in Utah as the friends we were visiting had already made theirs and the kids had a blast playing with their masks.

They knew that the masks were in the box but didn’t know what else it contained!  This month was nice because the kids were able to for the most part work on their own with the occasional assistance from Mama when they couldn’t quite get enough glue to make something stick or it wasn’t in the position they were wanting.

The first project the kids couldn’t wait to dive into was the Secret Agent Masks!  They knew exactly what they wanted on them as they had seen Atti’s mask already made.  Since we get the sibling box they both receive their own supplies and I can’t recommend that enough if you have two children!

They turned out very cute and both of the kids were very happy for how they turned out!

Next was on to the invisible secret messages.  What kid wouldn’t be excited to get a pen that writes clear but when a light is shined on it shows up?  Mine were beyond excited!  Austin wrote his  name first but then made all sorts of paths and maps that he thought were so cool because they were “secret” and no one else could see them!

Parascopes were next and the kids loved the ideas of the mirrors being inside.  Addie decorated her with splashes of color but Austin was more intricate in the designs he choose to add, Saturn, a palm tree, a star, the ocean and clouds.

This box was a huge hit, as all Kiwi Crate boxes are!  That afternoon we made a trip to pick up some supplies at Home Depot for Bryan and make a quick run to the grocery store and Addie chose to bring along her Princess mask and Austin his parascope.  She pretended to be the princess she is and Austin was exploring into space.  I love that they have such imaginations!

Kiwi Crate boxes start at $19.95 a month with shipping included and sibling crates are $27.95 a month.  We have been receiving Kiwi Crate boxes for almost a year now and each box always has a new theme and always extremely engaging and creative!

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7 thoughts on “Kiwi’s Crate Box of Fun – Secret Agent!”

  1. This looks like so much fun. My 5 year old would LOVE it. Thank you for sharing. We love craft time here and I love that they have a sibling box too.

  2. Those projects look like a lot of fun and turned out really cool. My kids love anything “spy” related so I know they’d get a kick out of this craft box. Love that there’s also a sibling crate option to save on money and so there’s enough for two kids.

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