Our Green and White LeapTV Party

leaptv disclosure #adWith homeschooling, we seem to spend a great deal of time inside on many days, especially of late since we have been under the weather.  I try to make sure the kids get plenty of exercise on the days we have been stuck inside.  The kids love playing video games, although we limit their time spent playing, I was excited to learn about the new LeapTV from Leapfrog!

This isn’t just any old video game that passes the time.  LeapTV is a fun-filled video game that combines the fun of video games with exercise and educational learning!  It was created for children ages 3-8, which is perfect for my children!  We received the game system in partnership with #LeapTV #Mommyparties.  Addie’s current favorite color is green, so we decided it would be the perfect color of our LeapTV party!

With someone in the house being under the weather for the past several weeks, it was great to be able to have a little fun with our new game system.  Even though the baby is just one, she loves it when the kids play the new LeapTV system.  We have started using it a small amount of time daily in our school studies to break up the day but keep the kids engaged.

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LeapTV uses 3 kinds of play:

  1. Body Motion – Dance, jump, hop and karate-chop.  Kids’ movements control the on-screen action, and they see themselves on TV!
  2. Pointer Play – Twist, turn, and move like never before using the controller as a pointer for motion-controlled fun.
  3. Classic Control – Shake and tilt the controller for fast-paced gameplay and supercharged action.

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The controller has been created with even the little ones in mind.  Really, the entire system has been designed with our young ones in mind.  The instructions are very simple and can be read on-screen or listened to audibly.  The interface is not so busy that the children can not figure out, it is very simple to follow.  The camera sensor is easy to adjust and makes it easy for the children to re-align to each child playing.

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There are currently 9 cartridges but over 100 game titles that will soon be available for the LeapTV.  There will be so many options to choose exactly what your child enjoys.  I love that you can set up a profile for each child and tailor it to their exact learning skills.  It can challenge them and tracks their progress.

  • Age-Appropriate Play – Games feature kid-friendly themes and play patterns that keep kids engaged and actively learning.
  • Learn through Motion – Games encourage children to point, jump, swipe and wiggle, teaching and reinforcing the learning through movement.
  • Grows with Your Child – Games adapt to each child—automatically leveling to keep kids learning at just the right level of challenge.

If you have a little one that loves playing games but you want to turn it into more educational fun or physical activity, then look no further than the new LeapTV game system!  It’s affordable fun with a MSRP of $149.99.  You can host your very own LeapTV Party by visiting their website full of lots of free printables, recipes and other fun activities to keep everyone on their toes!

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