Learning My Children Had Food Allergies

This is my own experience with my children with food allergies.  I am not a doctor and this is simple me sharing my own story.  Consult with your doctor is you think or have questions regarding food allergies; they can be extremely serious.

Being a new mom can be scary.  When my second child was born, I had an 18th month old so I didn’t feel quite as nervous, but I also wasn’t quite prepared.  She was born four weeks early, but weighed in at 6 pounds 1 ounce thanks to the extra help she was getting to grow with all the special meds I was taking.  After two days in the hospital we were released and all seemed well.  She was nursing like a champ and seemed very contented.

That quickly changed.

New babies sleep 16-18 hours a day, but she was now fussy and not sleeping well at all.  She spit up more than my first and it just kept increasing.  Initially the doctors told me she seemed well but must be colicky.  But it only got worse, much worse.  I had returned to work part time, but after only three weeks, we could quickly see that it wasn’t going to be possible.

She was only ever happy when she was nursing, but then she was so sick after.  The skin on her arms and legs with rough with little raised bumps.  Her stool was never normal, it was always thick with mucus and discolored.  She would have blood in her stool.  Her poor bottom didn’t just have a normal diaper rash, she would bleed and her skin always looked burnt anywhere her urine or stool touched.

It was heartbreaking.

I read, talked to doctors and did lots of research online.  I decided before the next step of undergoing some really unpleasant testing, I would try to determine if she had a food allergy.  I was nursing so this meant adjustments in the way I was eating.

After going on a strict allergen diet, we were able to determine she had a severe dairy allergy.  I was determined to continue nursing and just adjust my diet.  I won’t lie, it was overwhelming for me.  I had never dealt with food allergies myself and there was so much to learn.   Just when I thought I had things figured out I would eat something that didn’t directly label the contents as milk or casein or whey.  Within hours she was in terrible pain again.  She would pay the price and I felt like a terrible mom.

Once I learned I had gotten into dairy, I would pump and dump all my extra milk.  I had nursed my first and pumped all day every day due to working.  After I got home when Addie was born, I would pump after she was finished eating to start to build up my supply for when I thought I’d be returning to work.  I couldn’t use the milk I had stored from when I was eating dairy, but I had good milk I could give her.  She resisted a bottle but it was worth the fight so she could have milk that didn’t harm her.

How to cure a diaper rash

To keep her poor little bum protected and stay ahead of the red and all the terribleness to follow, I would be proactive with using products like DESITIN.  If your little one is prone to diaper rash, then Desitin Rapid Relief Cream is perfect because it was created to effectively prevent regular diaper rashes.  More often than not, because of what was coming, I would resort to the stronger stuff!  Desitin Maximum Strength helps to treat diaper rash.  Again, this wasn’t a regular type of diaper rash and sometimes would require a prescription cream to heal but I tried to stay on top of it and prevent that as much as possible.

As a parent, our little one’s health, happiness and comfort become our priority.  When babies get a rash from allergies or a regular diaper rash, we want to soothe them and help them feel better fast.  Desitin also wants to help all the moms put red to bed!

With time, I was able to get my diet in line where in needed to be and soon she was flourishing and once again a happy baby.  When my third child was born, she was only three days old when my husband picked up on her symptoms.  Although I was in denial, (I had only been eating dairy again for about a year) I knew it was true.  This time I was more prepared.  As I was when my fourth was born with the same allergy as well.

Do we still occasionally have issues, absolutely.  Do I always have ointment on hand?  Absolutely!  I have a tube in my purse, diaper bag and next to my stack of diapers at home.  My two year old actually brings the tube to me once he gets uncomfortable and asks for “bum cream”.

I try to be ever so cautious now about what they eat.  Occasionally while dining out, even if we are assured it is okay, they still get sick.  I’m thankful for products like Desitin Maximum Strength when that happens, and so are my children!

How have you dealt with diaper rash with your little ones? What has worked for you?

Desitin wants all parents to be equipped with what they need to help prevent and treat regular diaper rash.  Check out the links below for more information.

How to prevent a diaper rashHow to treat a diaper rash

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  1. Desitin is amazing and I used it with all four of my kids and now give it as a gift to all of my teen parents that I work with!

  2. It’s been a long time since my daughter was a baby and she only really had diaper rash once. I honestly don’t remember what I used

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