Letters to My Children: The Best Time To Be A Kid

This post celebrating “The Best Time to Be a Kid” is brought to you with my partnership with Gymboree.

gymboree kids 5

Before I even open my eyes in the mornings, I hear the pitter-pat of little feet.  They slowly make their way closer and then I feel the warmth of a little one next to me.  You see, Austin and Addie love to see who can wake up and be the first to crawl in bed to cuddle.  The baby wakes up extremely happy and neither want to miss seeing her big beautiful morning smiles.

Some days, I would love a few extra minutes to snooze but with three bright eyes and big beautiful smiles looking back at me, how can I not feel blessed.  It is a great way to start my day!  I am so blessed to have the love of these three amazing little ones.

Life can be a struggle, it will have its ups and downs but there is no need for you to have those worries now.

Now is the best time to be a kid!  Why?  Because you are!

My heartfelt letters to you…

Gymboree kids austin

Austin, my dear son…

  • Your eyes are so curious!  You ask so many questions and see the world with such excitement.  I stopped counting your “Whys?”
  • You take after your Mama and are an overachiever!  Despite being assured that it is okay to not get 100% all the time, you are not satisfied with anything but that.
  • You reassure your sister that everything she tries is well done with a “great job” for effort!

gymboree kids addie 1

Addie, my beautiful little lady…

  • You are full of happiness!  You love both babies in your life, Bethany and JJ.  Making them smile is your mission daily.
  • You are afraid of shadows.
  • Legging and boots are your daily clothing requests and you love to pick out everything you wear.

Gymboree kids 4

My dear baby girl Bethany…

  • You now recognize your family and your eyes smile back.
  • You love to be cuddled and smile in your sleep.
  • With your little brain taking everything in, you are eyes wide open and taking it all in, all the time.

You three are my everything.  You make my heartbeat and my life complete.  My cup overflows with happiness.

I want each of you, to be you.

Gymboree kids 1

Childhood is time to discover, to explore, to use your imagination.

Austin and Addie, you love laughter.  You look into each others eyes and everyone can see just how much you love each other.  Some days you can simply look at each other and are filled with light-hearted giggles.  Then there are days it is deep down tummy laughter, the kind that makes me smile ear to ear when I hear it from the other room.   Laughter keeps us young, is good for our soul and I need your laughter in my life.

Gymboree kids 2

The moment I step foot into the van (sometimes I don’t even get a foot in the door) you ask for music please, and are specific at that.  Let me tell you, I think you two are Darius Rucker’s biggest kid fans.  You ask for the tracks you want to hear, actually beg for them!  Then the show begins.  Anyone that rides with us knows that you sing, and love every moment of it.  I may ask tell you to quiet down but I love your love of music, the joy it brings you both.  You love to sing!

While I was so nervous about how you would both adjust to our new baby, my heart is so happy with how much you love your new baby!  You refer to her as “my sweet baby”, love to make her smile and want to hold and cuddle her everyday.  When she cries, you jump to see what is wrong and try to make her happy with silly noises and faces.  You don’t have jealousy over my time but embrace that our family has changed.

Enjoy each day for what it is.  Look for the happiness in each day.  Be thankful for your blessings and don’t ever stop trying to overcome your challenges.  Know that you can do anything you put your mind to and that your Father and I love you for who you are.

Gymboree kids 3

I don’t want you to grow up too fast.  Enjoy being a child, after all, now is the best time to be a child because you are!

Gymboree is a company that celebrates childhood!  They create the most adorable, comfortable and stylish clothing to let your kids be kids.  With great styles ranging from preemie to size 12, they have all ages and all occasions covered.

My children are adorable no matter what they wear, but I do love to outfit them in adorable clothing as well!  Gymboree was kind enough to send me shopping so I could outfit my children in their adorable new clothing.  Addie is wearing the new Star of the Show line, Bethany is wearing the Snow Bear line and Austin, well my handsome man is wearing Loch Ness Heros.   They release new lines almost every month so be sure to check out the new additions; I am sure you will fall in love with Gymboree as much as I have!

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What is one thing from this week you want to remember to tell your children in a few years?

23 thoughts on “Letters to My Children: The Best Time To Be A Kid”

  1. Your letters to your children are beautiful, they echo the sentiment that all of us mothers have for our little ones. These will be precious mementos that your children can look back upon for years to come.

  2. Such a beautiful post! I definitely wish I could go back and be as happy as my daughter (who will be 3 in March) is now! I hope I remember to tell her not to let others bring her down.

  3. So adorable and I was thinking to myself how cute all of their clothes are and then I saw that they were Gymboree. That explained it.

    What a beautifully written post and one that your kids will love reading when they are adults.

  4. I want to tell my kids always remember to be there for each other. I’m a huge fan of Gymboree myself. 95% of Madison’s outfits seen on the blog are Gymboree’s. Their clothing are always so top notch and Iknow I can wash them over and over without having to worry about shrinkage etc. Love the photos. 🙂

  5. So sweet. I started writing letters to my daughter before she was born. I wanted her to know how much I love her and all the things going on for hte future.

  6. Such a beautiful letter to your children. I want to remember to tell my kids how much they adore each other. The boys are always protective of their sister and they are all three best friends. I want them to always remember how much they love each other.

  7. What a sweet post. They are absolute cuties. I have one boy and two girls, spaced about the same as yours. Oh your pics brought back memories. Mine are all teens now, love them, enjoy them because they grow up way too fast.

  8. Oh my gosh, they’re cute! And they’re dressed so cute! And I love the story, it’s obvious you’re crazy over them…and it’s easy to see why. 🙂

  9. Your little girl’s outfit is too adorable. I finally went to Gymboree last month and I was so impressed with the fabulous clothes for children. I bought my granddaughter a whole outfit with mice. It was beyond cute!

  10. Adorable pictures! They capture all of the wishes you expressed for your kids. They seem to be enjoying being kids and not taking things too seriously. I hope they are able to hold onto that joy and innocence for a long time.

  11. Awww, what a sweet post – I love it. I remember when I brought my second son home from the hospital, I was VERY nervous about how my older son would react, too, but like in your case – everything went very nicely and he loves him so much 🙂

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