Looking for a Treat? Surf Sweets Review

Don’t you know my kiddos were happy when this package came in!  As I have shared before, they love to help open the packages as they arrive.  Austin is just hoping that one of the next boxes we open will contain new wooden Thomas the Train tracks 🙂

So let me tell you a little about TruSweets line of Surf Sweets.  Surf Sweets organically-sweetened gummy candies and jelly beans are drenched in fresh fruit flavor. They are free of artificial colors and sweeteners(including corn syrup), making these fun treats for children and big kids also!

Surf Sweets products are made with natural colors and flavors, organic fruit juice and sweeteners, and provide you with your daily allowance of Vitamin C.  They are made right here in the US.  They are gluten-free, casin-free and peanut-free, so great options if you suffer from food allergies.  Five of their products they produce are also Vegan.

We received a package of the Gummy Bears, Fruity Bears, Sour Bears and Jelly Beans to try out.

Addie loves jelly beans right now.  She hasn’t had them often but thinks they are the greatest thing on earth.  Since  we really try to exclude artificial food coloring from our diets, this really limits the choices as far as gummies go.  She was most excited to see the bag of Organic Surf Sweet Jelly Beans.  She quickly claimed those as her bag.  Austin went for the sour gummy bears but wasn’t too sure of the outer texture, so in the end he choose the regular gummy bears.  Daddy claimed the sour bears when he eyed them in the cabinet.  He use to love sour gummies and hasn’t had them in years.   Did they love them, of course!

I got the opportunity to try two gummy bears and yes they are delicious!  I have had other organic gummy bears that were tough and flavorless.  That is not the case with Surf Sweets.  They offer excellent fruit flavors and the texture is what you would expect for great tasting gummy bears and jelly beans!   Would I recommend Surf Sweets products, absolutely!  We loved them and they would make a very special treat!

To find out more about Surf Sweets or their parent company TruSweets, head over to their website.  You can also connect with Surf Sweets on Facebook or Twitter.

I was provided with these Surf Sweet products to review for free.  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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