Why I LOVE Enjoy Life

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I was sent a beautiful package of dairy free goodies to review in exchange for my honest opinions.  All opinions are my own and we have been fans of Enjoy Life for years!

When you are use to a normal diet, one day realizing you have restrictions can be quiet challenging.  For me, I do not personally have any dietary allergies that I am aware of but both my daughters do.  Something that we found out the hard way.  As a breast-feeding Mama, whatever I eat or drink is processed in my body and passed on to them.  This can prove to be quite challenging because you know just how much I love my chocolate.

In the beginning I would occasionally cheat and give in to my desire for chocolate but I would kick myself every.single.time.  You see, I wasn’t the one that would pay for it, my precious little one did.  And she would be incredibly sick within a few short hours.

Then the Enjoy Life brand was brought into my world!  Can I say THANK-YOU?!!!

These amazing people get that there are those out there with food allergies that still want amazing chocolate!  Consumers tend to read labels and see that something is gluten, dairy or soy free and assume it must not be as good as its counterpart.  Let me tell you, don’t judge the labels!  Enjoy Life chocolate is beyond delicious and even better than the others on the shelf that are full of soy.

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Shortly after I had Bethany I was sent a package from Enjoy Life that included their new Decadent Soft Baked Bars.  Little did I know just how much these would come in handy!  Although not as severe, Bethany started to display some of the same symptoms as her sister very early on.  I didn’t adjust my diet right away, I thought I would give it a little time but it turns out, her little body doesn’t agree with dairy just like her sister.

The Decadent Soft Baked Bars are like a homemade snack bar that just hit the spot when you have a snack craving or are on the go.  I was sent four varieties:

  • Cherry Cobbler
  • Chocolate Sunbutter
  • Cinnamon Bun
  • S’Mores

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Hands down my favorites were the chocolate Sunbutter and the S’Mores.  Why?  CHOCOLATE…need I say more?  Seriously though, they are moist, almost a cross between a rich brownie but lighter like a cookie texture.  The Cherry Cobbler and Cinnamon Bun are so true to their flavors.  These were great with a cup of coffee or with a fruit on the go for breakfast.

Just because you are dairy-free, does not mean you are limited.  Enjoy Life’s motto is “Eat Freely” and they make it possible.  All the products they make are free of the 8 most common allergens: wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish and shellfish.  They do not contain any artificial ingredients and are part of the Non-GMO project!  They are truly products I can get behind.

If you are faced with a food allergy and have not discovered the Enjoy Life brand, I highly encourage you to do so.  You will see just why I LOVE Enjoy Life!

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