Why My Children Love National Geographic Books


Books are one of my children’s favorite things.  Sometimes they just love the pictures, other books they love for the actual stories.  When the Mom’s Meet group reached out to me and asked if I wanted to review a set of National Geographic Kid’s books, how could I say no!  National Geographic is renowned for their efforts to explore and document the world in a way that helps to educate and inspire its readers.

As a homeschooling mom, I have total appreciation for the way National Geographic captures nature in their beautiful photography and a way that just captures you, draws you in and truly leaves you in awe.  They publish books for all ages from adults down to young children.  Our children’s minds are like sponges and with the large, crisp photos from nature, how can they not be drawn into large pictures of meerkats, elephants, zebras to name a few?

I was provided with an amazing book collection:

  • National Geographic Kids Chapters: Best Friends Forever – This isn’t your average BFF book, this is a collection of true short stories that are lively and fun with full-color photos.  These best friends are examples of unlikely animal friendships that defy the laws of nature.


  • Everything Pets – This book is filled with fabulous and funny photos with fun facts for all young lovers of
    animals, be they furry, feathered, scaly, or slithery.
  • Funny Fill In: My Animal Adventure – Remember those funny mad-lib books we played with as kids?  This is taken up 100 times with color pages, great photography, laugh-out-loud illustrations, and fun facts that are certain to provide hours of entertainment. Your kids are given the chance to fill in the blank to customize their very own stories!


  • Ultimate Weird But True 2 – What boy do you know that wouldn’t LOVE this book?  It is filled with the weirdest animals, freakiest foods, extremely odd sports, mind-bending inventions, plus tons more!


  • Almanac 2014 – There is no wonder this is the world’s best-selling Almanac for kids as it is packed with amazing animals, cool inventions, dinosaurs, robots, maps, games, and activities.
  • National Geographic Reader: Meerkats – My kids have a total fascination with meerkats so they loved this book!  This is a beginning reader highly educational while providing awesome real life photography.
  • Just Joking 4 – Do you have a jokester?  This book might be the perfect gift!  It is packed with 300 hilarious knock-knocks, question-and-answer jokes, tongue twisters, riddles and more, paired with silly photos of chuckling animals.  Even without knowing how to read yet, Addie loves the photos!


  • Little Kids First Big Book of Why – I think this is my son’s favorite word!  I chuckled when I saw this book thinking of just how perfect it is!  Kids want to know why about everything!  They look at the world full of curiosity and this book features big, color photographs, playful design, and lots of questions to encourage their little minds.


  • Devoted – This heartwarming little book features inspiring true stories and touching photographs of amazing dog rescues, accomplishments, and abilities that showcase the bravery, intuition, intelligence, and yes, devotion of dogs.
  • Mother’s Love – This book tugs at the heart and celebrates the tireless devotion of motherhood.  It is full of inspiring stories and intimate and moving portraits.  I truly appreciated this book as a mother myself.

The kids haven’t really picked a favorite, it changes every day but one thing is certain, there is not one book they do not love!  They point out each large photo and are eager to tell me about them.  In love that so many of the books are written in short stories so you can read just a few pages.  We not only get the boding of reading but it is educational and fun with all the gorgeous photos.  I can’t say anything but very positive things about each and every book.

National Geographic Kids Books are packed with kid-friendly features, photos, facts, and fun inspired by their award-winning National  Geographic Kids magazine.  They are created by award-winning authors, illustrators, photographers, explorers, and researchers in the field. Their books are “Kid tested, mom approved!”  Their goal is to foster and support a lifelong love of learning.

National Geographic and KIWI share a common concern for the planet and a commitment to keeping it safe and healthy for generations to come.  With each purchase of a National Geographic book it supports vital exploration, conservation, research, and education programs.  If you’re looking to get your kids excited about learning, National Geographic books are a great place to start.  Right now you can say 30% on this book bundle by visiting the Kiwi store.

To connect with the amazing people behind the books, “Like” National Geographic on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meetsm program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meetsm blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC. or the  manufacturer of the product.

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  1. Forget the kids – I love them for myself! I love learning about all kinds of things and am still in awe about things I learn all the time! My daughter is huge on any type of book she can learn from so these would be perfect for her… stocking stuffer! 🙂

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