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There are so many things we take for granted.  Today when my children were not quite happy with what was presented in front of them to eat (they were requesting pizza), we had a long discussion about just how fortunate we are to have our necessities cared for every day plus some.  I don’t want my children to be in fear of going without, but I do want them to appreciate everything they have.

The sad reality is, there are so many that do go without on a daily basis anything from food to proper clothing and hygiene items.  It is easy to think about those in other countries as being less fortunate and putting it out of mind thinking we don’t have much to offer in the way of assistance.  I have been reading a blog of a family who recently moved to India and how they have been sharing their shoes with the children that have nothing.  It is truly sad to the situation the children are in, but heart warming to see families, even with little materially reach out to do what they can.

It is really sad to think that there are many that live in the communities around us that are in great need as well.  No child should have to go without  life’s necessities, including personal care products.  I have shared with you in the past my partnership with the Champions for Kids program and once again have the privilege to work with them to help spread their message!

SIMPLE Giving is so Simple

SIMPLE Giving is a Champions for Kids program that makes it simple for you to donate items to help kids in our community, those here close to us!  It is simple, you can purchase items at your local Walmart and drop them in purple donation bins after you checkout.  All of the donations will go to children in the school district where the Walmart store is located!

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This #SimpleGiving campaign is being launched with Kimberly-Clark and Unilever personal care products.  Children do not have control over the situations they are born into and have no control over what their families do or do not have.  This is a simple way to help those with less than we do.  The pallet in our store included Kleenex, Suave deodorant and Shampoo and both men’s and women’s Degree deodorant.  With the prices ranging from $.98-$2.50 how can anyone say they can not afford to help?  A bottle of shampoo for $1.50 is less than getting one bottled soda on your way out of the store.

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How Can We Get Involved?

If you live in Arkansas or Missouri right now you can head into your Walmart store between October 30 and November 11, and look for the purple SIMPLE Giving displays, mine was in front of the pharmacy area.  Then purchase a personal care item from the pallet to help the kids in the local schools, and drop them in the donation bins on your way out. For as little as $1 you can help the kids in your community!

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Success Comes From YOU!

With help from the communities, the donations from the first SIMPLE Giving program that launched in only 24 Walmart stores last spring, provided over 20,000 children with new toothbrushes and toothpaste. In September, over 68,000 children benefited from the SIMPLE Service campaign. This program is launching in 350 stores and help us to make this one soar!

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If you live in Arkansas or one of the surrounding states and see this bright purple SIMPLE Service pallets, I encourage you to grab an item or two to donate.  It doesn’t have to be a large amount, but most families wouldn’t notice another dollar being added to their total.

#cfk #shop sign

I didn’t originally see the pallet of merchandise on display at my local store even though I did see the donation bin in the front of the store.  There were signs up at each of the registers and then I spotted a cardboard box behind the register with donation items in it.  The cashiers were to ask those checking out if they wanted to add an items to donate!  I know that some, or even most may say no but there will be those that say YES and choose to get involved.

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Will you join us and get involved with SIMPLE Giving?

For more information on the Simple Giving program, go to and connect with Champions4Kids on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


23 thoughts on “Make a Difference with SIMPLE Giving Champions for Kids”

  1. What a great campaign.. I love Champions for Kids, they are amazing, always have a great way to share with kids and the community.. Thanks for sharing and I love that you were able to make a difference…Soo need to see if my Walmart has the donation box as well…

  2. Simple Giving from the Champion for kids is an awesome program to help children. These are the more vulnerable to hard times as they are susceptible to harsh times with little or no control of their situation. Thank you for sharing something so important.

  3. This does sound like a really great program that definitely would meet the needs of many children out there. Sometimes we take for granted these items which would most likely mean so much to others less fortunate.

  4. I’m really glad you’re a part of this program. There are definitely a lot of kids who can benefit from this in our own local communities. It annoys the tar out of me when I see kids from other countries getting help from fellow Americans and yet we have kids and families starving in our own country!

  5. I will be sure to recognize the big purple sign and know what it is for now that you’ve pointed it out. I think it’s a great idea and I’m happy to do my small part by leaving a donation.

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! One of the huge issues I have is donating to children oceans away when there are children right in our own back yard going without. I love that this is geared to help those children who need it but also keeps it close to home. Perfect!

  7. What a wonderful program! When my kids were young the mall we shopped at had what they called “The Giving Tree” we would choose children names on paper ornaments and buy them presents that would then go under the tree for them. My kids loved doing it.

  8. What a nice idea for those not involved in church programs! I help out with the less fortunate with my church through couponing (so no extra cost for me)! There have been a few times where my husband was unemployed and we had to go churches/organizations for help. I love seeing the faces of children & parents being helped. Most of the time they are so grateful!

  9. What a great idea to help out. We are grateful for everything that we have and always try to help others too. I think that it’s really important at this time of year too.

  10. I am trying to find a place locally to donate to. I was donating to a foster family but then they complained and asked if they could give me lists of what they wanted so they did not have to deal with what I was bringing them. Kind of of takes the good feeling out of it when the receiver does not appreciate it.

  11. I live in NY and this is not around here yet. Most of those items do not go bad especially the tissues which I am sure everyone can use at this time of year. I truly prefer giving when I can to charities for the people here in the US. Thank you for letting me know about this–which reminds me–the grocery stores near me will be collecting food items soon in much the same way Walmart is collecting these items–keep your eye out New Yorkers–every can helps!

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