How to Make a Simple Felt Flower Hair Clip

This post is brought to you by Dollar Tree.  All opinions are my own.

flower clip on white background

I don’t know about you, but Addie’s hair clips seem to have legs and walk off quite often. She has decided she wants to grow her bangs out currently so hair clips are a daily accessory.

Addie loves big flowers, so today during quiet time, I quickly made a couple of clips in her requested colors.  I purchased a few packages of felt from the Dollar Tree for a couple of projects so I had more than enough felt sheets for the clips.

I didn’t use a pattern but free-handed cutting the felt so these are perfect.  They are still cute none the less.

flower clip supplies with beads

You only need a few basic items.

  • Felt
  • Needle & thread
  • Beads
  • Hair clip
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun or adhesive

flower clip cut pieces

Cut a strip about 5″ long of your base color.  I used white.  Then cut slightly scalloped edges.  Repeat with your second color, cutting it about 1/2 the height and only about 4″ long.

flower clips pulled together

Create a straight stitch across the flat bottom edge.  Gently pull the thread tightly to gather the petals together.  Stitch the ends together and tie off the threads.

flower clip without leaf

Repeat the above steps with the small piece.  Sew on small beads in the center of the flower.  You can create a pattern or just cover the center.

Attach the smaller piece to the larger flower by sewing it onto the larger piece.

Cut a small leaf from the green felt and hot glue it onto the clip.  Then attach the flower with glue.

flower clip in hair

While watching TV I was able to sew two of these in about 20 minutes.  They are not perfect but Addie was so excited to wear her new hair clips.  These would be so cute in a mini style for the baby.  Other than the hot glue gun, all the items were purchased at the Dollar Tree.  For about $4 you could make 10-12 different styles.

We may not be that close to spring, but the fact that I have some bulbs that have started peaking has me excited to see the first spring flowers.

What flower would be the first one you would try?

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