How to Make Snow Globes

It’s getting to be that time of year again when we will be spending more time indoors due to weather and sometimes illness and I try to stay ahead of the game in more than one way.  I love having supplies on hand to create lots of fun crafts for the kids and I also love to be stocked up on all my household essentials.  Using household items, we can’t wait to share how to make snow globes with you.

Keeping the kids happy and busy while they have to remain indoors more can help any moms sanity too!  While the weather today isn’t quite as cold for this time of year as normal, it is a dreary day while we wait for rain.  The children and I had been discussing what craft they wanted to do next and when I mentioned snow globes + glitter, everyone was on board!

I love all things glitter, but I don’t love how glitter likes to have a permanent presence after we craft.  Nevertheless, glitter was in the cards and since I had just stocked up on Scott Paper towels, I was okay with the mess making we were about to tackle.

Disney Toys and Legos

I had planned to make snow globes in the spring and we never got around to it, so I already had everything we would need.  Actually most homes would have all but one item on hand usually and it isn’t even truly a necessity.  I set the children out to search through their little toys and trinkets to see what they wanted to put inside as the key feature of their snow globes.  They all came back with lots of choices.

Crafting can get a little chaotic when I need photos with four kiddos so each one took their own turn helping me make their snow globe.  With the exception of Caleb, they all had a blast shaking their glitter selections into the jars.  Three shakes of this color, four shakes of that one, the most popular glitter was a large glitter that was created to look like snow.

How to make a snow globe items needed

How to Make Snow Globes

Supplies Needed

  • jar with airtight lid
  • water
  • glycerin (optional but makes the glitter float nicely)
  • glitter
  • hot glue gun + glue sticks
  • various little trinkets


Start by gluing the bottom of your trinket or toy to the inside of the lid with hot glue.  On a couple of our smaller toys we glued in a Lego to be our base to elevate the toy to be higher.  Then I created a ring of hot glue around the bottom edge of the toy and the lid.

Next was glitter time!!!!  You don’t have to use an excessive amount, unless you want to of course, but we found combining several colors of glitter made them effects look fun!  Each of the children laughed as giggled as they shook their glitter into their jars.  I’m not sure what it is about glitter that makes us so happy, but it does.

Then we filled each of the jars fairly close to the lid, about 3/4″ from the top.  If you are using a larger toy that takes more space, leave more like 1-1/2″ space as the jar will over fill when you place the lid on.

Next we added 3 tablespoons of glycerin to the pint jars and 1 tablespoon of glycerin to the smaller jars.  You can use more or less, or none at all even.  The glycerin is clear and acts as a thickener in the water so the glitter can float longer.  If it isn’t in your budget, it isn’t required.

Now your glue should have dried so carefully place the lid on and tighten.  If you are worried about creating a jar your children can not open, the hot glue the lid down after it is on.

Now you simply have to turn the jar over and enjoy!

How to Make a Snow Globe with Household Items

Pro Tip: You can reuse any jar you already have on hand, just be sure it has an airtight lid to prevent leaks. Be on the lookout for fun shaped glass jars.  

My children love playing a part in any of the crafts we make.  They were so excited to participate in making theirs from start to finish.  Although they still want to add some decoration to the outside of the jars, they were more than happy with how they turned out.  This would be such a great craft to do with family and friends over the long winter break as more families get together.

Each of the children pitched in to help clean up after themselves, the baby included.  It’s easy to have crafting fun, then when all is finished, clean-up with the help of Scott paper towels and quickly be on our way to the next item on our agenda.  While some may say we created lots of waste, it was actually creating memories with a little mess along the way.

Who would you put in your snow globes?

household essentials

Household Essentials

No matter who you are or how big your family is, we all need household essentials to keep our homes running smoothly.  I like to be stocked up on all the essentials we need.  I might be the only one who starts to get a little panicky when we open our last package of Cottonelle, even if there are 12+ rolls.  There are six of us and I don’t like getting caught without any of the essentials so I love to buy in bulk.

Living in the country, we don’t have many store options close by, but we do have Walmart.  No matter where you live though, Walmart is always at your finger tips.  I love that I can order online with 2-day shipping and have it delivered right to my doorstep.  It makes buying in bulk so easy and I don’t even have to worry about lugging it home.  If I am making a grocery run, I stock up while at the store.  I can’t help but giggle inside as a see a cart go by with a 4-pack of toilet paper in it; I’d personally rather buy the bigger packages because they are always cheaper and I never want to run out.

Aside from buying in bulk saving time because you are buying less often, you can also save money because the cost per unit is usually less when buying a larger quantity.  Before shopping, I always check to see if there are savings from coupons or on my Ibotta app.  Currently you save save on Scott | Kleenex | CottonelleViva.

With most homes expecting to host many guests over the coming weeks, let Walmart, Scott, Cottonelle, Viva Towels and Kleenex work together for you, so that you’re never left empty handed or in a jam!

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