How to Make Your Own Paper

making homemade paper What better way to celebrate Earth Month than with some fun to teach the children how we can reuse and the simple process of making paper.  My children are still young at three and five but I thought this would be a good time to reinforce to them where paper comes from and why we should always look for recycled papers if possible.

With all the rain coming down outside we decided today would be a good day to start our paper making adventure.  I have made recycled paper before but I knew once I started with the kids it would be something they would really enjoy!   This month in our Kiwi Crate box with it being earth themed, it contained all the supplies to make four small colored sheets of paper.

Supplies Needed

  • Shredded paper
  • Colored tissue (if you wish to make colored paper)
  • Small bottle or jar with lid
  • Tray with holes on the bottom
  • Two small pieces of mesh (old window screening would be perfect!)
  • Large bowl
  • Warm water
  • Tray or Plate
  • Towel


Homemade Paper Collage1

Fill your bottle about 2/3 of the way full of your shredded paper.  If you wish to make colored paper then tear your tissue paper into small pieces and add to your jar as well.  For smaller pieces of paper 3 x 4 we used about that amount of colored tissue paper.  You can add more or less depending on how bright you wish your paper to be.

Homemade Paper Shaking

Then fill the bottle almost full with warm water.  Place the lid on and start shaking 🙂

Homemade Paper Collage2The kids and I took turns but this would really only take about 3 minutes or so depending on the thickness of your paper.  You want your colored paper to have almost dissolved and the color to be throughout the paper.

Homemade Paper Collage 3

If you are not using colored paper then you basically want your paper to have turned into mush.

Homemade Paper Collage 2Place your mesh over your tray and then holding your tray over the bowl, pour your mixture into the tray.  Cover the top with another piece of mesh and then using your kitchen towel squeeze out as much water as possible.

Turn your tray over and gently remove the mesh sheets.  It is easier to start at a point where the paper is slightly over the edge as opposed to where it doesn’t quite meet the edge (I have less problems with tearing this way).

Place your paper on a tray or flat plate to dry overnight.

Ways to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle:

  1. If you own a shredder, why not consider using your own shredded paper to reuse it.  Newspaper is also a great form of paper to reuse!
  2. Do you have an old window screen laying around?  This would be a perfect tray to use and just about the right size mesh you need to make paper.
  3. Get creative and what you add to your paper and try pressing small flowers or leaves into the paper; it turns out really beautiful.

Kiwi Crate Discount Code

This project came in our latest Kiwi Crate box!  I have used this process to make paper before but it was nice for everything you need to be together in one place.  Along with the paper making project April’s Earth themed box also included a recycle bag and the needed tools to make your own nature stamps to decorate the recycled bag.

To say the kids enjoy their Kiwi Crate box is an under statement.  They get excited to tackle each project and I love that I can open the box and have everything I need on hand from start to finish.  We subscribe to the sibling crate so we receive enough materials that each of the children are able to both have their own materials for each project.  It is $27.95 a month and the regular crates are $19.95 a month.  If you are a new member you can use this link here and get a Kiwi Crate discount code for $10 off your first month’s subscription.

Heading into the summer months, I can strongly recommend subscribing to Kiwi Crate to have several afternoon projects ready to go when you need them!  To check out some of the past boxes, you can see our previous themed Kiwi Crate boxes here.


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