Make Your Own Snowflake Felt Headband

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While singing Let it Go today, Addie told me she thought she needed a hairpiece.  I think she meant a head band or maybe she meant a crown, but non-the-less, I decided to try to whip something up that she would feel fit her idea of “Frozen”.  We have been working on a few with felt projects in the works, so I pulled out a couple of packages of felt and elastic headbands I had picked up from the Dollar Tree to see what we could come up with.

After a little brainstorming, I decided I would try to make a simple snowflake headband.  The felt packages I had picked up had a dark blue, light blue and white in them, all perfect for this project.

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I trimmed down a simple snowflake pattern from paper.  You can print the patterns here if you would like, or simply cut your pattern by hand.

felt-snowflake-headband-ad-dollartree (4 of 9)

I cut two of the smaller snowflake and one of the larger one.

felt-snowflake-headband-ad-dollartree (5 of 9)

Then I layered the snowflake on the blue felt and trimmed a circle around it.  I left only a small edge, but you can leave more if you desire.  I repeated with the second color until I had two circles, one just slightly larger than the other.  For the largest snowflake I trimmed the felt to a similar pattern with less detail, but you could also do this one as a circle as well.

felt-snowflake-headband-ad-dollartree (6 of 9)

I hand sewed them with a simple backstitch down the center of each to hold all three layers together.

felt-snowflake-headband-ad-dollartree (7 of 9)

Then I positioned them on the headband and hand sewed them into place.  You could add more decorative stitching, buttons or pearls to make it more decorative if you desire but I was looking for something simple and she loved it!

felt-snowflake-headband-ad-dollartree (9 of 9)

She slipped it on, and didn’t want me to fix her hair.  She twirled and giggled and couldn’t have been more excited with how it turned out.  I was pretty pleased considering I jumped in, and from concept to finished product it took me about 30 minutes to whip it up.


Felt can be so fun to work with but remember to use really sharp scissors to get clean cuts.  My good fabric scissors have disappeared and my cheap crafting scissors are on their way out.  This project gave me the extra incentive to start hunting for another pair of good fabric scissors.  Anyways,


Who would you make your own snowflake felt headband for?

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