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Today’s post is brought to you in sponsorship with Gymboree.

sibling love gymboree rock n hop line sponsored-5There are some days as a mom you can’t help but feel overwhelmed.  I don’t care what kind of supermom you are, you still have those days every now and then.  Some of us that aren’t super moms, well, we may have them more frequently.  But I often find on those days if I sit back and forget about all the things that “need to be done” and focus more on what is in front me, my children, those feelings subside.

We tend to set ourselves up to think we “have to” do so many truly unnecessary things that we can loose sight on the here and now.  The truth is, we have to look at the time for something it truly is.  Time is one of the rare things in life that we can not do-over.  We don’t get a second chance to repeat today, yesterday or tomorrow.  We have to make the most of the time we have now and cherish each of the moments we get to spend with our loved ones.

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It doesn’t require big plans or huge efforts to create the most beautiful and lasting memories, especially for children.  I look back on my most cherished memories as a child and yes, some of them were on special occasions (visiting Disney or family vacations) but most of them, they were from the simple times.  Just time that we spent together doing everyday things, enjoying each other.

While I plan to make many big memories with my children, I also want them to be able to look back and appreciate the little things, every day times we spent together.  In our new house, there is a large patch of dirt from where water pipes were replaced and there is no grass.  It is currently my children’s favorite place to play.  They all three love sitting in the dirt, building their forts or castles and have a ball with nothing more than a few sand toys, sticks, flowers and plastic spoons.

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Even simple days at the park turn into hours of smiles, giggles galore, and sparked imaginations.  They turn the playground equipment into their ship and instantly become a captain and first mate.  Even little Miss B begs for her turn on the slides.  Swinging is never old and brings the same excited moments of laughter and they all begin.

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While it can be worrisome, Austin is all boy and has decided he loves climbing trees.  I think he likes the challenge and excitement he feels in his accomplishments.

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The girls, well I can get smiles out of the baby almost any time I tell her to say cheese.  She wrinkles her nose and smiles brightly!  When she does something she is proud of she is sure to tell you, “I a big girl!” She is so happy and full of life.  If she wakes first, she is so excited to go wake her Bubba and Sissy.

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Addie is my blooming flower, she is a little mommy in her own right.  While she isn’t one to smile much for pictures at the moment, she takes such care of her little sister, they both do.  She has a tender heart and doesn’t like to be separated from her big brother or baby sister.

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It is the little moments of tickles and laughter, of dirt and mud that make me feel like everything is all in order.  Those overwhelming feelings subside and all is in order.  I rely on those moments of laughter and silly mud pies to get me through the trying days.

Just as much as I rely on those, I love being able to rely on Gymboree for clothing that stands up to all that my children can throw at it.  They have beautiful pieces for when we need to dress-up and adorable pieces for every day wear.  Their new Hop n’ Roll line is made to be the perfect mix and match line for every day wear.  Who says playing in the dirt doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish?  I have been a long time fan of their clothing since before Austin was born but I love that the Hop n’ Roll line goes so well together.  I need anything to help make my life easier!  With just a handful of pieces you can mix and match to have many outfits for your little one’s wardrobe.

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