Making a Move and Adapting with Pets

This post is sponsored by Lunchbox about Purina One available at Sams Club. All opinions are my own.

I knew when we moved that so much would be changing. My children knew that there would be adjustments. My husband, he and I have moved so many times in our lives, we knew what to expect but to be honest, I didn’t give much thought to our pets! We were leaving the quite and seclusion of the country to move into a small rural town, but in a town none-the-less.

Once we were starting to settle and ready to bring the animals over, we started thinking about the difference it would be for them. They were use to the bugs singing all night, not the occasional car passing or horn honking or so many other animals. The lights are a big adjustment. We are not in a major city, and our neighborhood of town is quite, but it is nothing like being the only light on around.

We have been pleasantly surprised that Sammie has handled it like a trooper. He is no longer a young pup, but going on 9+ years strong. He still acts like a puppy most days.

To make the transition a little easier, we have tried to keep as many things the same or familiar as possible. We brought his huge dog house over from our country house. The kids still go out to play with our ever so full of energy golden, and we still feed him the same food he loves, Purina One.

Since we made the switch he seems to have even more energy than ever before. He obviously loves the taste, because he is always happy at dinner time and even though he isn’t brushed as regularly anymore, his coat is just as full and shinny as ever.

Purina is inviting dog owners everywhere to head to Sam’s Club to pick up Purina ONE and take the 28-day challenge. To learn more about the benefits of the 28-day challenge, step-by-step instructions and ways to share your pet’s progress, visit this site.

What is the 28 Day Challenge?

Purina ONE, believes in proof, not promises. They’re asking dog lovers all over the country to switch to Purina ONE dry dog food, and step up to the 28 Day Challenge. They believe people will see:

  • Day 1+: Taste: When your dog loves the taste of his food, it can make all the difference
  • Day 7+: Energy: An optimal blend of ingredients provides the energy your dog needs
  • Day 14+: Digestibility: Highly digestible food helps more nutrients go to work inside your dog
  • Day 21+: Skin & Coat: Balanced nutrition supports a beautiful coat and healthy skin
  • Day 21+: Bright Eyes: Your dog’s eyes are a window to his health
  • Day 28+: Dental Healthy: Great nutrition and crunchy kibble support strong teeth and healthy gums

What difference would you most look forward to seeing in your dog?

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