Making Bubbles Fun with an Artterro Bubblewand Kit #CreativeKids

Arttero had it’s beginning with two art loving Mamas who wanted to pass along their love of art to their children.   After searching for eco-friendly, open-ended art projects that showcased beautiful materials they were nowhere to be found.  With the desire to make works of art that were beautiful and lasting treasures.

Kits full of beautiful supplies inspire children to create amazing things, just like they do for adults.  The Mom’s behind Artterro want to make it easier for people to bring art into their lives. Their kits are for kids, families, seasoned artists and novices alike. After doing the sourcing and shopping, they help busy people bring a creative, meaningful activity home to their families.

Right now they offer 12 different unique kits that wont disappoint!

  • Wool Felt Bugs
  • Art Journal Kits
  • Creativity Kits
  • Wire and Bead
  • Bookmaking
  • Wool Felt Wearables
  • Art Dolls
  • Paint with Wood
  • Collage Jewelry
  • Garden Art
  • Canvas Storybook
  • Bubble Wands

When I had the opportunity to choose a kit, I had such a hard time.  We truly would enjoy them all, hands down, all of them!  In the end we went with the Bubblewand Kit!  We love bubbles!  They are so much fun and your little ones can play with bubbles alone or together in a group.  They usually require physical activity as my kids run and chase down their bubbles and they are just plain fun!

The kids have been so excited to make our bubble wands!  Daddy sat down with them and put them together for the kids.  They came out really cute!  Now we need a day without rain to enjoy them!

Artterro Takes Sustainability Seriously

Artterro was founded with the core beliefs of using as few resources as possible, respecting and enjoying the company of the people we work with, and taking into account the social and environmental impact they have on the planet and community at home.  They strive to offer worthwhile, affordable products that encourage friends and family to connect with each other and the very human need to create beauty in our lives.

Sustainable - No Wasteful Packaging

  • They partner with Green Solutions Printing, a small family owned business in Eugene, OR, where their materials are printed on recycled paper (most of it 100% PCW) using vegetable based inks and renewable energy.
  • Their smart eco packing was designed to be repurposed into frames for finished artwork, and the inserts and bands are recyclable and bags reusable.
  • Their kits are assembled at and shipped from Goodwill Industries in Milwaukee, WI.
  • We have donated kits to Project Kids in Cambodia, an art program serving orphanages in Cambodia.
  • Even their cool retail display units they sell to stores are made from 100% renewable bamboo.

You can get all the fabulous Artterro kits right from their website.  You can save 20% on all kits by using the code: CREATE20 through October 10th on their website.  To be the first to find out what is new with Artterro, follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Keeping Kids CreativeWin an Arterro Bubblewand Kit

Artterro will be one of our sponsors in the upcoming Keeping Kids Creative Giveaway.  Be sure you head over to enter to win your very own Arterro Bubblewand Kit!

Which Artterro kit would your little one would love to create with?

13 thoughts on “Making Bubbles Fun with an Artterro Bubblewand Kit #CreativeKids”

  1. That looks like so much fun. It would take me forever to gather up all the supplies needed so I love how everything you need is right there!

  2. my 4 year old grandson would love the bubble wands…blowing bubbles is one of his favorite things to do when he is over….and our 5 year old golden retiever jumps up and pops them…cutest thing to watch the 2 of them

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