Making Life Easier One Click at a Time

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To say that life is full would be an understatement.  I love being a mom, it keeps me on my toes.  Some days it seems like it is noon before I even have time to shower.  So I use lists, lots of lists to help keep me on track.  With my lists I may forget a thing or two, but without them, it would not be pretty!

Truth be told, I love my lists.  I love creating them and then get great satisfaction from marking through each line as I accomplish them.  A little quirky?  Yes!  But after having so many years of not sleeping through a single night I have come to rely on them for keeping on track.

Even with my lists, there are occasions where an important to-do item is not added.  One thing that we always strive to stay on top of is Hubby medication refills.  I try to avoid as much medication as possible but after Bryan’s battle with his blood disease followed by chemo, he was told he would likely be on medications the rest of his life.

While he is usually really good about alerting me to the fact that he is getting low, there have been those occasions when he opens his bottle and is caught by the bottom of an empty pill bottle staring back at him.  That is so not a good thing, especially if it happens to be a weekend!  That is when I wish I had some sort of refill reminders other than relying on either of our memories.

I do love supporting our small local businesses, but I was recently introduced to all the great features of transferring our prescriptions over to our Walgreens pharmacy.  Once I realized just how much easier it could be to manage our medications online I was hooked!  I am all about making my life easier!


The process to create an online pharmacy account is so simple.  Once your free account is created, it is simple to transfer your current medication refills.  While you are already online, why not do yourself a favor and sign up for refill reminders via email or a text.  Once you do, you can either refill your prescription online, scan the label from your phone or pop into any Walgreens store.

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Can you get any easier than that?  The answer is…YES!  Set your account up in autopilot mode for auto refills and never run out of your medication again!

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I love that I can swing through and pick-up Bryan’s medication without even unbuckling a single child.  Doesn’t that seem to good to be true?  The reality is though, it can get even better!  They will deliver your prescriptions to your door (or mailbox) for free!


So you see, Walgreens understands that daily life is crazy and complicated (in a good kind of way), and just wants to make life a little less hectic when it comes to my family prescription management.  With special features like viewing our prescription history, online refill options, the pharmay chat feature and free shipping, the Walgreens pharmacy makes managing our medications so much easier.  I am so excited with autopilot feature to be able to permanently check one item off my list!

32 thoughts on “Making Life Easier One Click at a Time”

  1. My husband could definitely use the refill reminder. He has forgotten to refill his thyroid medication more than once, which isn’t good since he needs it every day!

  2. I love that pharmacies these days have drive thrus. Walgreens is my favorite, but I have moved to an area where the closest is about an hour away. Very annoying, I tell you! I make the trip occasionally but can’t do it often.

  3. I have never used the Walgreens pharmacy before, however you made it sound very delightful. I will have to consider trying this option out, anything that will make my life easier I am all about. Thank you for sharing

  4. I love Walgreens for several reasons. I love that they email you when a prescription can be refilled and I too love the drive through window. I also like shopping at Walgreens when I drop off or pick up a new prescription.

  5. I love shopping at our Walgreens and even though their photo and pharmacy people always seem to be rude, I love the little gadets I find there!

  6. Jennifer Williams

    I was always such a big fan of Walgreens, sadly they no longer have sales sheets in my paper and I now forget they are there. I know it is strange and the ad is online, but I make my lists for shopping as I go through the ads. I need to do things differently so I can go back there – I miss the cashier she is always so pleasant.

  7. I do something a little like this over here it’s so nice to be able to order something just after I’ve got to that certain place in a packet then I know it’s done.

  8. i use to be a huge fan of walgreen but recently they have been really bad about their service so i’ve switched to CVS glad to know they do well for you

  9. I love refill reminders from Walgreens, it makes life so easy because all I have to do is go pick it up when it’s ready! So very cool.

  10. I love using wallgreens to get our meds, I also use wallgreens to coupon and I do their servey on the phone after we get our receipts I love doing those and giving positive ratings on customer service. I sadly had to give a sad rating because they were busy and only one person in the window for drive though and the same person did front end while fililng out script they expected the person to run like a chicken with it’s head cut off so if wallgreens could do one thing is treat their employees the same way they treat their customers as the employees are people too and if management is able to get more hours to give their staff I’m sure I’d never have to wait again for 30 minutes just to drop off my script The Wallgreens in Michigan really do need to step up their customer service not in the employees they usually are all great and awesome just like this poor dude who was alone running ragget. I’m sure they got my servery too as I’ve not seen less then two people at the counter but it would be nice to have better manangement

  11. I am a bit of a list addict myself. I make lists of lists, lol! We recently got a Walgreens in my area, I really need to remember to check it out more often!

  12. It is only recently that Walgreens is anywhere near where I live and a different large company is right up the hill from me that is a 24-7 operation. It is always good to register online-and most of the large ones do call or do something when they think you need a refill–now if someone would only tell me when the doctor needs to re write the prescription I would be in heaven!

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