Making Memories at Castle Rock Resort and Waterpark

Back before we had children, Bryan’s company had a store in Branson, MO and we traveled quite frequently.  He worked many weekends in Branson and when I could I traveled with him.  Even though he worked, we had a ton of fun!  When you are traveling without children it is about the shopping, the food and fun.  Now that we have a family, it is more about the memories than anything else.  When we were invited to the Castle Rock Resort and Waterpark in Branson, MO in exchange for feedback on our stay, how could I say no?

The Castle Rock Resort and Waterpark is just off the main drag of Hwy 76 in Branson, MO.  Right on Green Mountain Drive, it is just a hop, skip and a jump from the main drag but still just minutes from great places to eat, lots to see like the Titanic Museum, Hollywood Wax Museum, Silver Dollar City, the IMAX and so much more, plus tons of great shows and shopping!

The resort features 98 Tower rooms connected to the water park and then 102 rooms in the two exterior Atrium buildings located about 50 yards from the Waterpark.  There is an onsite grill that offers breakfast and lunch options (with seasonal hours) as well as an arcade.  With the children we were privileged to stay in a tower room on the third floor.


The lobby had a nice open room that was welcoming and we were greeted with smiles at the front desk.  The evening we checked in, the kids were more than excited to gaze out the large windows at the waterpark.  Austin had his mind made up that he wanted to go down both big water slides.


Although they were disappointed by not swimming that night we checked in, they were thrilled to have their own cove with bunk beds and a tv in our room.  Talk about genius!  They felt as if they had their own place in the room and were more than happy to sit back and watch one of the kids channels, CARS was actually playing that night.

Castle Rock Resort

The room featured a king bed with a 32” flat screen tv, mini fridge, coffee maker, iron, ironing board, and hairdryer.  The only feature we really missed in the room was a microwave, otherwise it was clean and well-kept.   1-DSC_0440

The next morning the kids were wide awake and ready to hit the water.  With 30,000 feet of indoor waterpark awaiting us it didn’t matter that it was actually cool outside, inside the waterpark it was 84 degrees.


Addie was excited about the multiple kiddie pools.  She is nervous about slides at the moment but with help from Austin and Daddy managed to tackle her fear and make it down the frog and fish slide but didn’t tackle the turtle.  She had a blast splashing and chasing the bubbles coming from the waterfalls.  The rain tree was a fun feature too!


There are two large water slides for the bigger kids, including BOTH my big kids.  Since I had Bethany, we splashed around the kiddie pools with Addie while Daddy and Austin took on the slides.  They first started with the open slide that landed in the straight stretch of water.  Austin came down first and although I was slightly worried, he had a smile on face when he landed in the water.  He was so excited and proud of himself!  Daddy came next and Austin was just as excited to see Bryan’s reaction as he plunged through the water at the bottom.  Addie and I stood at the bottom watching and it was great to see them both have such a great time!


I was a bit more concerned about the enclosed water slide, he is only five and had never been on an intertube before.  He could hardly contain his excitement.  We talked with him about holding his breathe at the end when he entered the pool at the end and up the stairs they went.  I stood anxiously at the bottom and although I wanted to snap a picture of him coming out, I instead handed Addie my camera, prepared to jump into the pool and get him out in case he had any problems coming back up.

The lifeguard at the top blew a whistle and I knew he was coming down.  It was his was of alerting the life guard at the bottom to stand on guard.  She was in the water and quickly helped him stand up, he was still holding his nose.  I was highly impressed that while we were in the waterpark there were four life guards on duty all the time.  They were not just sitting watching everyone, they were actually walking around and checking on the guests at all times, something as a Mother I truly appreciate.


We took a break for lunch and then headed back into the pool again for the evening.  The lazy river moved at a slow pace and had buckets of water that spilled on you every so often.  Addie was a bit young to enjoy it but it was great bonding time for the boys.  This was our first time as a family visiting a waterpark and it couldn’t have been a better experience.


We hadn’t even made it out of the hotel before the kids asked when we would be coming back!  If you are looking for somewhere to take your family that won’t break the bank but will still offer great family fun, Castle Rock Waterpark & Resort is a great choice right in the action in Branson, MO.   Call 1-888-273-3919 to book or visit to make reservations.

19 thoughts on “Making Memories at Castle Rock Resort and Waterpark”

  1. Wow, that is quite the pool. Looks like it would be fun for kids of any age. My kids loved water parks and water activities when they were growing up. They would have loved this.

  2. I’ll have to remember this next time we visit our family in Missouri. We have a similar hotel near us here in Virginia but it does cost an arm and a leg so we don’t go often.

  3. we love indoor watermarks! we have a couple here where we live in Ohio and we do try to visit one at least once a year!

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