Making Organic Foods Available to Everyone

Although this post is sponsored by Stonyfield, all opinions shared & our love of Stonyfield is completely my own.

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There are many reasons that people think that “organic” foods are only available to people with money. The prices are higher on most all products and they tend to be harder to find. Living in a very rural area, our store options are a small local store and a big box store, choices are very limited. In the past, I would make a monthly trip to Whole Foods, order from Azure Standard and various co-ops to find decent prices on organic or non-GMO products. If I found organic items locally, I had to pay a premium. Not anymore!

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Things are changing and I can’t be more excited!  The more and more we show large companies how important eating wholesome food is, the more they will wake up and offer what we ask.  I love being able to walk into our Walmart store in a town of just over 2,000 and find organic products on the shelf!  Although some products are still significantly higher, many are priced so that an average family CAN afford organic foods!

stonyfield quartStonyfield has always been a company that has prided itself on it’s wholesome organic ingredients and now, you can find many of their products on the shelves at Walmart for a very affordable price.  We have been enjoying Stonyfield yogurt products since 2008, when we started making changes to eat more organic foods.  Austin enjoyed YoBaby yogurts and YoToddler yogurt and now enjoys any and all yogurt he can get his hands on.  Although I love the convenience of single serve cups, I find it more cost effective to purchase the large 32 ounce containers.

It is no secret that I love buying in bulk and often times it is much less expensive.  While bulk options are harder to find at big box stores, thinking of the packaging and what your family will eat in a certain time frame can save money, a lot of money over time.

I love that organics are becoming more accessible to the masses.  If you are looking for more ways to save on organics, check out my 8 ways to save on organics series.

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