New Year, New You: Making Small Changes

Footprints in sandLast week I shared a few of the obstacles that are standing in my way of my weight loss goals.  There are many obstacles that are standing in my way for so many other things that I want to whip into place this year.  What about my blogging?  Well we are beginning week 3 of the new year and already my world was shaken, so needless to say it hasn’t been exactly what I hoped for (not that it still isn’t going to be awesome!)

This series for me was more than about loosing weight, it is about making changes to be a healthier, happier person going into 2013.

  • Maybe your goal going into 2013 is to lose that 10 pounds you can’t seem to shake (or 20lbs or even 30lbs).
  • You may just have the goal to work on creating a better routine or system that works for your family.
  • Maybe your goal is to cut down on the chemicals in your home that you use for cleaning.  That would not only provide you but also your family a better living environment and in turn a healthier home.   Be sure to check out my Green Cleaning Series if that is a goal of your family.
  • For others it may be trying to replace health and beauty products that are quite toxic with more healthy, natural alternatives.  If so, then in this series we will touch on several DIY products and alternatives to so many everyday beauty products that we use.

Making Small Changes!

Whatever your goals are, they are always more attainable if you first document what your goals are in writing.  Then break them down into small pieces, tackling them one at a time.

When I first began reading about some of the products that had been presented to me, an average consumer, that are sold as everyday solutions, I was shocked.  I couldn’t believe that products and brands we had trusted, were allowed to use these ingredients in products we were cleaning ourselves with, putting into our mouths and being absorbed by our largest organ in our bodies, our skin.

Why didn’t I know about this before now?

Bottom line, money!  I became sickened at the thought of using the products.  Why do so many steer clear of organic brands which are obviously better for us?  Easy, money.  The ingredients in organic products go through testings and certifications and in the end are priced a little higher.  For most families if money were not a concern, they would hands down choose the product that is best for their families.

Let’s face it, when looking at the huge stockpile of health and beauty products I had at the time, I felt overwhelmed.  How could I go out and spend $7 on a bottle of shampoo when I had 25 bottles I had gotten for $.50 or less.  Or toothpaste.  I had it coming out of my ears, well maybe not to that extent but I had loads of tubes!

This was about taking small steps, so I started making bags for friends and family.  I took some and donated it.  I even sold quite a bit at a yard sale.  While this has now been several years ago, it was daunting to tackle so I did it one small step at a time.

This year, my goal is to replace some of the natural and organic products we use with homemade versions to help with savings and also to know exactly what I am using on my body and my children.  Next week we will start sharing some of our favorite homemade/DIY products that can help you start to make that transition.

Are there any that you would like to see?

Why not join me with one small step this week.  My small step this week is to drink 8 glasses of water every day and go to bed each night by 10pm.  I am slowly making my transition to start my morning blogging routine and both of these small steps this week will help me work towards my blogging goal.

Are you working on any small steps this week?

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  1. I need to get into an exercise routine. With my desk job, my activity level has dropped to next to nothing. I resolve to do a 10 minute pilates DVD 3x this week!

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