MAM Pacifiers and Teethers: Finding What Works for You

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For first time parents it can truly be overwhelming to know what products you will truly need and use with your little one.  Although each child is different, it is nice since Bethany is our third to know that certain products we can go without, others, not so much so.

While neither of my first two took pacifiers for any length of time, Austin did really seem to enjoy them for a short time when he was colicky.  Part of having a new little one is trying out new products!  When the awesome people at MAM offered to send us a few products to review for Bethany to try out I was very excited!

When the package arrived I was excited to see what products they selected for us, all are products geared towards the first six month.

While I am excited to try out the pacifiers to see if we can get Bethany to take them I am most excited about trying out the teethers.  Both of my first two suffered long and hard with teething.

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The Mini Cooler & Clip is designed for smaller babies in mind, allowing them to reach their molars with the special cooling part.  With the cooling part being on one side and the ring grip on the other it also helps the babies to develop their sense of touch.  It was designed to be very lightweight so that even the smallest babies can lift it to their mouths, helping to promote coordination.  Made for babies 2 months and older.

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The Mini Teether Bite & Relax Phase 2 has four different patterns, one on each side.  Designed to reach the back teeth this allows the instant pain relief by allowing the structured surfaces work like acupressure to soothe teething pain.  It is extra light weight and it’s mini size makes it a great solution for small babies as well.  Made for babies 4 months and older.

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The Animal Pacifiers are so cute!  The curved shield that is textured with multiple openings allows the pacifier to rest comfortably on your little one’s face while allowing the air to circulate and their skin to breathe.  The Ultra Soft Silicone Nipple stays comfortably in baby’s mouth due to the anti-slip texture.  Made for babies 0-6 months old.

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The Crystal Pacifiers have the same features as the Animal Pacifiers but are made a little larger so they are a perfect way to transition your little one to their next phase without having to adjust to another type of pacifiers.  Made for babies 6+ months.

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About MAM

Since MAM was founded in 1976 in Austria, their baby products have been sold around the globe in over 30 countries.  Their mission is to combine the best in technological innovation, medically sound function and contemporary design to help give babies the best start in life.

The MAM Mini Air PacifierMAM Perfect Pacifier 0-6 months and 6+ months and the MAM Trainer training cup have been named 2013 National Parenting Publications Award (NAPPA) winners.

With each product from MAM focused on the baby and parent, all the products are BPA-free.

Why BPA-free is Important?

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a component of plastic.  Many common household products are made with polycarbonate that has BPA in it.  The problem is that trace amounts of BPA gradually leach out of the plastic into the food and eventually into the body. This can affect small children and infants in particular.

As a result of exposure to BPA, experts and studies have seen disruptions to the hormone system and brain, diabetes and heart damage as well as an increased risk of cancer.  Totally wise to steer clear of BPA, especially in products are babies are coming in contact with!

Connect with MAM

Be sure to check out all the products the MAM collection offers, including the MAM’s Anti-Colic bottles, oral care items and drinking cups too in addition to teethers and pacifiers.  Sign up on for the “MAM Club” to be the first to know on product updates, special promotions and more.

You can purchase MAM baby products in a store near you or from an online retailer {check out the Store Locator for more information}.  For more information about MAM products, please visit  Follow MAM on Facebook at USA and on Twitter @MAMBABY.

7 thoughts on “MAM Pacifiers and Teethers: Finding What Works for You”

  1. Oh! My brother’s partner is pregnant with twins so I’m sure they’ll need all of this stuff in just a few short months. I must check out what’s new!

  2. I agree – it’s so overwhelming as a first time parent to find what will work with your baby! And each one is different. I love those coolers! I wish my babies had had them when they were getting teeth. Definitely adding those to baby shower gifts.

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