What’s Happening? March Goals

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Two down, ten to go!  This year is flying by ever so quickly.  I hestitated to even sit down to write a goal post this month, partially because I didn’t complete half of what I set out for last month and partly because this month will be crazier than normal but I decided I had made the commitment to myself to post one each month.  So here it is!

March is going to be a month unlike any other.  We officially closed on our new home!  It has been a long time coming, as our first close date was scheduled for 12/10/14 but almost three months later, it did finally happened.  That means this month we will be painting and having new carpeting installed before we can make the move.  I have moved plenty of times in my life, and truthfully really don’t mind it.  It gives us the opportunity to really purge and organize; I am NOT taking things over we do not need or use.

It is official! We will have a new address soon!

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On the other hand, I have not moved with three children (that are my own), so this will be an adventure!  One adventure that the kids are beyond excited to get rolling.  So we have big plans this month, but I also have to be realistic.  I may not be able to tackle a lot of blog work, but my personal life will be another story.

March 2015 Goals

  1. Sew two memory animals.
  2. Sew curtains for each of the children’s rooms in the new house.
  3. Finish a Spring Cleaning Series for the blog.
  4. Learn two new songs with the children.
  5. Continue to have a family worship night weekly despite the chaos of moving.
  6. Create one artwork piece for the new house.
  7. Have a family anniversary celebration!  We celebrate our 12th anniversary on the 29th.

While I have many others that I plan to accomplish, I know I am only setting myself up for failure if I set my goals too high.  My only goal for the month could realistically be just to move.  I will truthfully be happy if that is the only thing I accomplish.

Okay, there it is.  Now its your turn!

What is one of your goals to accomplish this month?

2 thoughts on “What’s Happening? March Goals”

  1. Happy Purging! Think I will pretend I’m moving and start a major purging. Could be a new trend! Happy about the house!

    1. Purging is going well and I can’t wait to hear about your update! We dropped off a few bags of garbage and then a few boxes ready to go to the thrift store. Lots more to go!

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