Fun in the Kitchen: Marshmallow Sculptures

We often hear of hands on learning when referring to children in education.  Even as an adult, I can say I am a hands on learner.  I can read instructions that sometimes just don’t click until I start to work with the materials and watch it come to life.  My children are not different.

Austin is incredible at being able to read instructions on building most things and being able to figure them out on his own.  But he loves working with his hands.  The girls equally love hands on learning and sometimes it just tends to click faster when they are actually making something themselves.


This was a fun, simple and virtually mess free way to bring shapes to life in the kids hands, plus they were edible! (Well only the marshmallows are!)

This project uses wooden toothpicks so it is encouraged that younger ones have the help of an adult and supervision is always suggested. 

Marshmallow Sculptures

Materials Needed:

A box of toothpicks
A bag of miniature marshmallows

marshmallow sculptures

The fun thing about this project is it is so open ended.  The kids made basic shapes, squares, diamonds, pentagons, octagons, etc…  Then they decided to make three dimensional shapes, like a cube and a house.

It was trial and error figuring out where to put them together at first, but once they started to think three dimensional, they created and created.  I think about half the marshmallows disappeared during the building, but the eating of them was part of the fun too!

In the end, you can keep each Marshmallow sculpture or disassemble it and start again.  Obviously eating it is an option also!

marshmallow sculptures


Once allowed to sit overnight, the marshmallows harden and you have a fun shape that you can also turn into your very own work of art.

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