Relive the Memories with Mary Poppins

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We received this title to facilitate our review. All opinions expressed are our own.

I can’t believe Mary Poppins has been around for 50 yrs. The memories I have of watching Mary Poppins with my younger sister are priceless. Both of us loved to sing a long to every song in the movie. Some times we would even have little disputes as to who would get to sing which parts. Eventually we got smart and decided we could just rewind the movie and trade-off who got to sing each part. I wish we could replay those moments when just a spoonful of sugar helped all the problems go away in the world.

I was so excited to get the 50th anniversary Blue-Ray version of Mary Poppins in the mail. This time my husband and I along with our 9 month old son were able to watch Mary Poppins together and make new memories. All three of us sang along to all the songs. Our 9 month old son of course can’t say the words but in his way he sung along and I should mention he danced and clapped and enjoyed the movie every bit as much as we did. My husband remember watching it as a little boy. I learned something new about him as we watched the movie – he knew the words to the songs just as well as I did. As a family we made beautiful memories and will continue to make more memories watching Mary Poppins.

There are some neat features on the 50th Anniversary edition. One we enjoyed was the All-New Mary-Oke Sing-Along. It takes songs from the movie and the words pop up to help you sing along. Just like Karaoke. Another feature is it gives some details to the newest edition to the Mary Poppins genera Saving Mr. Banks. I didn’t know that Mary Poppins was originally a series of books. After watching the extra features I am anxious to get the books and discover Mary Poppins all over again. Every time I watch this movie you can’t help but smile and enjoy every minute, as if you were a kid again 🙂

Why not take a trip down memory lane with film and bonus clips from Mary Poppins‘ 50th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack. Get behind the scenes stories from Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins), Dick Van Dyke (Bert), Karen Dotrice (Jane Banks) and composer Richard Sherman! It was released on December 10th so it is instore now and would make the perfect gift!

5 thoughts on “Relive the Memories with Mary Poppins”

  1. Very nice review. I was singing Supercalifagilisticexpealidocious right along with the clip. I can just hear your 9 month old ‘singing’ and dancing to that one!

  2. My daughter is a huge fan of musicals so Mary Poppins is a must have in our house! It is one of my favorite movies as well – how can it not with Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews!?

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