May 2014 Goals

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Can you believe it is already May? 

Although we have been struck with storms, it seems that our days are becoming warmer, the pollen thicker and the grass greener!  Last month the tulips and daffodils were in full bloom.  Their beauty is something we are often taken back by, truly something so delicate but so resilient.

While I am always sorry to see the spring flowers fading, it means we welcome the next phase of summer flowers.  For those of us here in Arkansas it means welcoming irises, dogwood and azaleas.

kids at zoo c

Yesterday we had some down time and choose to visit the zoo.  The children never tire of watching the animals.  After we left we talked about the warm weather and all that we hope to do this summer.  It will be a busy one!   But we can’t wait to make memories, take some time to focus on the more important things and hopefully relax just a bit.

Even though I am late in getting these up, I wanted to share what my goals are for the month of May!

goals 052014

Goals for May 2014

  1. Blog minimum of three times a week.
  2. Make the site more user-friendly (menus and pages).
  3. Complete one craft with the kids weekly.
  4. Create our summer bucketlist (in writing!)
  5. Finish our official first year of homeschooling!!!
  6. Write four handwritten cards to friends/relatives (include photos).
  7. Visit one homebound/ill friend.
  8. Teach the children one new song.
  9. Read the Bible daily with the children.
  10. Have one date night with Hubby.

I love lists and love to cross things off.  Crazy?  Yes, maybe but it helps me to stay focused.  My kids even have me create to-do lists for them now.  They love to check things off almost as much as I do.  Are you a list maker?  What helps you to stay motivated?

What are your goals for the month of May?

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