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As difficult as it is to believe, the last six+ years have flown by.  My first baby has grown into such a handsome young man.  Being a deep thinker, he asks more questions than I would care to answer some days.  Some questions I have no idea how to answer and others I am clueless to the answer.  We have started doing quite a bit of research to answer his many questions.

With his love of learning and using his hands, his love of building comes naturally.  If it can be taken apart and put back together he loves it!  Put that together with cars, it is a little man’s dream come true!  Using his hands while using his mind inspires him.  He is very creative, both my children are and can see things coming together in their minds often long before you can see a finished project.  They have great vision.

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I didn’t tell Austin about my latest find from Thoughtful Toys until a few days after they arrived.  (They were kind enough to send us one of their latest toys to try out!)  I wanted it to be a day that he did an exceptional job in school or just had an overall awesome day.  (We are working on our behavior right now.)  It took a few days, but he hit it really hard one day and I pulled down the boxes I had been saving on top of the refrigerator.  To say his eyes lit up was an understatement!

Smiling from ear to ear, he carefully pulled back the cover to reveal a new car.  He knew right away this wasn’t just a car!  It included caution cones, one of his favorite things since he was just a babe.  But also included was a hex tool!  He knew what that meant.  He started looking over the car, carefully touching the wheels, feeling the realistic suspension system and then he started in on taking it apart.

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Amazed by how real the Modarri cars were, he pointed out something with each and every layer.  The cool part?  Okay, one of the cool parts, the screws do not come off the car!  They were designed to loosen but do not completely come off the chassis!  I don’t have to worry about being on floor patrol with the baby around when Austin works with his Modarri cars!

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We received a set of three cars, the Street Car “S1,” Dirt Car “X1” and Track Car “T1.”  Each one is unique in its design, but also is created to be mixed and matched.  You can really create custom cars from the pieces of each car.  Addie was right at Austin’s side requesting the way she wanted her car made.  Her car was at the mechanic a bit longer than she would have liked but once it was all pieced together, they had a blast creating a city in the living room.

I can really see why Modarri was recognized by Popular Science magazine as one the Best Toys of Toy Fair!  These are truly a new kind of miniature cars that are driven with the fingers, using realistic steering and suspension. Each modular car includes a chassis, hood/windshield, seat pan, seat, fenders and frame, hex tool, four wheels, front and rear suspensions and a hex tool for taking them all apart and putting them back together or better yet, mixing them up with other cars in the line.

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The sleek design, modularity, use of the tool and suspension features make Modarri totally unlike any other toy cars in the market.  At the price of $19.95, they are more than just another toy car.  They are a car that will turn your little one into a mechanic-learning how to hone their skills with small tools; a designer-allowing them to create a customized car, just to their liking; and a dreamer-there are no boundaries to where they can travel!

To learn more about Modarri cars, connect with them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and check out their Pinterest board or subscribe on YouTube.

Would your little one enjoy a Modarri car?

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