Memories, Miles and Road Trips with Kids

Today’s post reminiscing about our time on the road is sponsored by our partner Esurance.  All memories are my own.

Taking a Road Trip with Kids

As a kid, I usually had my nose close to the window as the tires whirled over the dusty country roads, city streets or interstate highways. We had many vehicles over the years and made great memories as we traveled many thousands of miles in them.  My favorite vehicles were our old Suburban that sat high up over the ground, as I could clearly see everything we passed by.  Then there was our old station wagon with a rear door and back row seats that faced the back side of the car.  It gave our travel entirely new meaning, instead of watching where you were headed, you watched where you were leaving.

Times were relatively simple in many ways, there were no car seats and seat belts were optional.  We were fairly free to roam about the vehicle and played a great deal during our travels.  If you grew up in the 80s and early 90s, you might remember those days.  We made so many memories on the road, that were just as much a part of the vacation as the destination was.

little man in his diono seat on a road trip

Fast forward many years later and I now have a vehicle full of my own children.  Times have greatly changed, and due to safety regulations and laws, our children are now safely strapped into their car seats and seat belts.   Just like when I was young, we have already taken many road trips during their short lives.  Over the course of the last several years, our road trip journeys have taken us to 12 different states.

Taking Road Trips with Children

We have seen tall mountains, the vast ocean, the deep blue Gulf water, open plains, huge rivers, and tiny streams full of fish.  We have visited museums to learn about history, theme parks to ride thrill rides and see some of their favorite characters, watched animals of all kinds in zoos, seen under the sea animals in aquariums, viewed the stars in a planetarium, and hugged and kissed dear friends and beloved family members.

There have been many laughs shared, jokes told, songs sung, games played, arguments, meltdowns, and even tears shed.  We have potty trained while traveling and used our Joovy Loo roadside in many of those states.  We have had diaper blowouts and car sickness.  Real memories have been made.

rooad trip play mat

Planning is currently underway for our most Epic road trip to date for the late spring that will take us into over a dozen states and across the Canadian border.  Now that I have my own children, I truly believe that the journey is the destination.  There is so much to see and experience as our tires cover those miles.  So we are researching places along the way that we wish to see and experience.

Taking children on a road trip

While we are eager to make memories and share experiences with our children along the way, our top priority is doing so in a way that will keep them safe and protected.  One way we can be assured with peace of mind on the road is knowing Esurance is proactively managing people’s protection and safety.  Using state-of-the-art technology, they make the task of auto insurance feel effortless.

If you have ever had to make a claim, especially while traveling, you know it can be quite a headache!  Esurance has your back from quote to claim.  With their modern tools, robust protection and personalized service, it will be one thing about the road trip that will not memorable, in a good way!  Be sure to visit Esurance to learn more how you can put the worry in their hands so you can focus more on making memories!


Our road trips have taken us to Chicago, St. Louis, Atlanta, the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, Branson, and Walt Disney World.  Our next epic road trip will take us into the Northeast, to New York and into Canada, but we plan to make many stops and visit all the states in between.  It is one road trip that I am having so much fun planning possible routes and stops along the way.  It will be sure to create many, many memorable moments.

As I think of our travels it is so hard to pick a favorite.  Taking the children to the ocean for the first time was more than I could have hoped for.  Taking on the museum district in Chicago was also one of those for the book vacations.  And Disney, well it is Disney!  Memories are always made in a special place in my heart.  These are times that I will cherish long after my children are grown.  While many memories have been made on the road, I eagerly await making so many more!

If you had to choose, what would be your most memorable moment on the open road?

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