DIY Minnie Freezer Paper Stencil T-Shirts

Freezer Stencil Minnie Shirt finished It is no secret that we love Disney.  Once we had our tickets secured for the Disney Live! show in Springfield I knew we would need some new Mickey and Minnie shirts.  With our #DisneySide party coming up at the end of February this would be the perfect opportunity to experiment with a few different styles.

Freezer paper stenciling has been around forever but I have never really experimented with it.  Now that I have I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner!  Not only was it super easy but the possibilities are endless.

Freezer Stencil Minnie Shirt 3

I searched for Mickey & Minnie templates I could use and found these basic faces I thought worked well.  I started with plain colored tees I purchased at Walmart for $3.88-$4.88.

Mickey Freezer Paper Stenciling

To begin trace your design onto freezer paper.  Freezer paper is different from wax or parchment paper.  It is paper on one side and has a wax coating on the other side.  Trace your design with the wax side down.

Freezer Stencil Minnie Shirt 4

Carefully using a Xacto knife, cut out the inside part of your design that you want to paint.

Freezer Stencil Minnie Shirt 6

Now position the design on the shirt.  Using your iron on a cotton setting, be sure not to use steam and iron the paper down.

Place another sheet of freezer paper between the layers of the shirt so the paint doesn’t bleed through.  Now dab on your paint.  You will have less bleeding if you dab rather than brush.

Freezer Stencil Minnie Shirt

Depending on your desired color, you may wish to add multiple layers of paint.  Allow each layer to dry completely or use a blow-dryer to aid the drying process.

Freezer Stencil Minnie Shirt 2

Once the paint is completely dry, carefully peel off your freezer paper stencil.

Add embellishments if you would like and then you are all set to show off your Disney side!

Can you see the possibilities with freezer paper stenciling?

2 thoughts on “DIY Minnie Freezer Paper Stencil T-Shirts”

  1. Thank you for the detailed pictures. I have read tutorials on freezer paper stenciling but was still confused on what to cut out. Now I can look at your picture to do it myself. Thanks so much, my daughter will be thrilled!

    1. Thanks Leslie! I am so happy it helped. Once you understand the process, it is really simple and you can make any design.

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