Miss B Loves Penguins

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These days, Miss B loves her independence. She is at the stage where she is trying to figure out what she wants and likes, what makes Miss B, Miss B. She loves to dance, sing, “do school” with her older brother and sister, blow bubbles, play games, watch Mickey, and attempt anything her older brother and sister do. She knows how to count, sings her ABCs, is learning her colors and shapes and points out every octahedron she sees. Yep, she decided to skip over the basic shapes like a simple square or a triangle and go straight for the shapes I didn’t even know the names of, octahedron. Why? Because that is Miss B to a T.

My penquin sippy cup miss bWhile ordinary 2 year olds are asking for Cheetos or M&Ms, Miss B asks for tuna fish and hummus. (Don’t get me wrong, she loves chocolate too but she LOVES real food!)

I love that she is figuring out who she is and isn’t afraid to be a big girl and attempt anything.  Sometimes when I ask her brother or sister to help her, she will tell me, “Mom, I know how!” or “Mom, I can do it myself.”  She is growing up so quickly and my baby is becoming such a big girl.

My penguin sippy cup
Although I want her to stay my baby as long as possible, I also want to help foster her independence.  She uses a big girl cup when we eat at the dinner table, but when we have a picnic on the carpet or are on the go, she loves her My Penguin Sippy Cup from Avent.  The trainer handles are easy for her to grip, she is able to take the lid on/off on her own.  It gives her independence and gives me the peace of mind we will have on less pill in her quest for independence.  The silicone spout has a built in valve that gives it 100% leak-free drinking experience, that is why it has become a regular in my diaper bag for times we are out and about.  Since this mom is all about easy, I love that it is made from BPA free material and is dishwasher safe.

She is determined that this summer, she will be riding the kids roller coaster with her big brother and sister.  Although I am ready for her to develop her independence, this Mama isn’t quite so sure I am buckled down for the ride.

How are you helping your little one develop their independence?

My penguin sippy cup company photo

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  1. 1. When did Miss B get so grown up!? She is not old enough to look that grown up!
    2. These sippy cups make me was A still used sippy cups! They are too cute!! Is it wrong to try and make my 3 year old use sippy cups again? LOL

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