Give Your Family “Real” Mom Time #SocialBlackout

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for MetLife. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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After going to the SoFabCon conference this past weekend I learned so many things I need to put into practice and received amazing advice from women that began blogging long before it was something I even thought about.  Tiffany Romano the blogger that founded the SITS Girls offered some amazing advice to all Mama bloggers, unplug!

Tiffany was amazing speaker that I found very inspirational.  She is a very successful bloggers and entrepreneur that can speak from her own experience.  One of the points that hit home with me was to have a strict blogging schedule.  Blogging is work, so rather than live behind your computer all the time, have office hours and stick to them!  Schedule time for the important things, one on one with your hubby, your children and yourself.  Have at least one day off, and stick to it!  Don’t work with your email and social media open, you will be far less successful!  And do it now before it is too late!

As a Mama of two little ones I am well aware that these days I have now will not last forever.  Before I know it, they will be in their next phase where cuddling and wanting to show me everything they are proud of will be gone.  I don’t want to miss out!

I came back with so many changes I need to make as a blogger but one I am going to start putting into practice is having a day off, from blogging and being consistent.  For now I am going to experiment with what day works best, I am thinking Sunday so we can have the afternoon as a family (and so I can occasionally nap!) but that is yet to be determined.

Kids SocialBlackoutTake Part in the #SocialBlackout Movement

It’s quite funny how so many have those same thoughts about unplugging!  Metlife has created the #SocialBlackout movement, which challenges everyone to log off of social media on this Sunday, May 12th and give Mom the time and attention she deserves!   The reality is we are all Mothers everyday of our lives.  I don’t appreciate it when my children won’t look up from whatever they are doing to talk to me when I want their attention, nor do I want to send that message to them, that what I am working on online is more important than they are.

Personally this Sunday will be a very busy day for me, services and then home to prepare for dinner as my Mother-in-Law and her husband are flying in from Florida.  I will have no problems spending Sunday unplugged!

I can honestly say as a Mama, this is something that needs to take priority for many of us.  My children are my number one priority, I still have to work but I received some amazing advice at SoFabCon so now I just need to put it into motion!  The Metlife’s #SocialBlackout movement is the perfect way to start!  To learn more about the #SocialBlackout, you can visit the MetLife Facebook page.

So what do you say, will you join me in the #SocialBlackout on Sunday, May 12th?

10 thoughts on “Give Your Family “Real” Mom Time #SocialBlackout”

  1. I’ve been giving myself a #socialblackout every Sunday for the past few weeks and I love it! On top of that I’ve really been trying to separate work and family (working from home), some days are better than others. 🙂

    1. I have tried in the past but want to make sure it is something I try to stick with on a consistent basis. It is so vital to have quality family time unplugged 🙂

  2. Thank you for reminding me to unplug some more. I spend so much time connected and I really shouldn’t. I’m starting tonight to try and set down the phone, power down the computer, and spend some good quality time.

  3. What a really good idea! I would love to unplug this Sunday for Mother’s Day but don’t know if I can! {sad, I know..} I will definitely give it my best shot!! 🙂

  4. I try to be “off” on Sundays. I tend to watch my social media (I’m addicted) but do not blog or sit on the computer on Sundays. It is my off days. And I’m really trying harder to be around the family more when I get home from work or after hubby gets home from work on the days he works. I think its important to spend these times with the kids before they’re gone!

  5. I admit it. I unplug every weekend. I’m usually away from Friday afternoon until Sunday night. I’m not a mom, but if I learned anything from my dad’s passing, it’s that I want to actually get out there and enjoy life. I think this is a fabulous idea.

  6. I am addicted to checking my email but definitely agree that we need to take time to spend time with those important little people! I actually try not to work much at all on the weekends and just focus on my family!

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