Why Moms Make the Best Entrepreneurs

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What does being a mom mean to you?

For myself, being a mother makes me feel very blessed.  Blessed everyday to have my three little ones in my life.  To be the recipient of so many genuine smiles, hugs and slobbery kisses, makes everything else I may be tried with, worth each and moment.

No one said motherhood would be easy.

It is safe to say that easy is not a word that belongs anywhere in the same room, let alone the same state of being a mother.

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As a mother, we wear many hats!  We start off being a caregiver and nurturer but quickly take on the role of being a chef, nurse, inventor, creative director, teacher and the list goes on.

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I had an amazing mother.  She was intuitive and creative.  When stuck in a situation, she could always figure a way to resolve it and usually not in a traditional way.  I think moms are brilliant at coming up with solutions to problems in rather ingenious ways!  Today, that is why they make amazing entrepreneurs.

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An entrepreneur sees an opportunity to solve a problem or fill a need and seizes the opportunity to act.  That is what motherhood makes you do on an almost daily basis.  You have to make the best of a situation, create solutions that sometimes seemed like they are pulled from a hat or invent something to fill a need.  Bottom lines, moms are creative.  Out of the creativity of one mom created www.mumzy.com.

MUMZY™ put simply was created for moms, by a mom.  It is a crowdfunding platform, specifically for moms.   Have a great idea?  Want to start a new business?  MUMZY™ is a place where moms can submit their ideas or projects and raise capital to launch and grow their businesses.  Awesome, right?  Yep!  But whether starting a company is your dream, developing an invention or creating a non-profit, MUMZY™ is going to ensure moms have the right resources to bring their ideas to life.

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Although MUMZY™ just recently launched, it is going to be an amazing resource for moms looking for support, a place for support and a way to raise money for your entrepreneurial venture.  Out of the first 100 people who post a project on MUMZY™, one will win $1,000 back towards their project’s funding goal.

So do you have any brilliant ideas?  Be sure to head over to MUMZY™ to submit it!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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