Moms, We Need to Take Care of Ourselves Too!

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I never fully appreciated all that my mother did for me and gave of herself until I have now become a mother of four myself. It is true, motherhood isn’t for the faint of heart. Truth is, this motherhood career is hard stuff. From the moment I am woken up by little voices to the moment I lay my head down in bed, I am constantly thinking about caring for my children. My mind never stops, even when my body gets to.

My mother never put herself first in any decision she made. She always thought about her children and family first. I couldn’t have asked for a better mother than the one I was blessed with. I often have said that if I can give my children a piece of what my mother gave to me they will be blessed.


I have also learned that you can only give so much of yourself before there is nothing left to give. We do reach a point where we can burn out. So even as moms, even if we don’t usually think of ourselves or put ourselves first, we have to start (at least sometimes).

That isn’t easy to say. It is even harder to put into practice. The bottom line is, we have to care for ourselves properly so we can care for our children, our families.  It isn’t selfish, it is the best thing we can do for our families.  When we are burned out, exhausted or sick we can’t care for our families in the way we need to properly.

As moms, we need to give ourselves a break.  We need to stop expecting more than what we can honestly give.  Focus on all you give your children of yourself.  Then accept that we need to take care of ourselves too. There are times we need to put ourselves first and that is okay.  Accept that.  With just a few simple changes or additions we can show our children we love them by taking care of ourselves.


7 Simple Ways to Take Care of Yourself

Get enough rest.  This can be such a challenge, because if you are like me, when your children go to bed, this is your time to work.  It is amazing how much I can get done if I am not completely exhausted at this point.  Even if I am tired, I may sit and just vegetate on mindless TV when I could be sleeping, recharging.  Sometimes we need to do just that, but our bodies also need a solid 7-8 hours of sleep to recharge so we can be ready to handle the next day.

Exercise.  When I am able to exercise regularly, I feel so much better.  I actually have more energy, sleep better and have a sharper thinking ability.  I really need to work on getting into a groove of regularly exercising again.  If you aren’t, like myself, start small.  Give yourself 20-30 minutes three days a week.  After two to three weeks, add another day.

Eat a well-balanced diet.  The foods we choose to eat can have a great effect on the way we feel.  Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, getting plenty of fiber and protein can not only allow us to nourish our bodies but help protect our immune systems.


Take vitamins.  We look to the foods we eat to provide our bodies the vitamins and nutrients our bodies need daily.  Though most of us try to eat a well-balanced diet, there are days you find yourself grabbing your stomach as it calls out for food at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.  Then it dawns on you something came up while you were making lunches and you didn’t make one for yourself.  Despite trying, we don’t always take care of ourselves because we aren’t the priority.  Taking supplements allows us to ensure our bodies have what it needs.  Nature Made® has a variety of vitamins, minerals and supplements to help support nutritional gaps with your health goals in mind.  Nature Made® vitamins and supplements: An easy, convenient way to help your body get the nutritional support it needs every day, whether it be to support bone health, immune health or energy metabolism (helping convert food into energy).†


Take a Probiotic.  Yep, basically same reason as up above.  Nature Made® Probiotics: Nature Made® Advanced Dual Action Probiotic has been clinically studied and provides dual support to both your small and large intestine for comprehensive coverage to help support digestive balance and healthy gut flora.†  Nature Made® is the #1 Pharmacist Recommended brand for many key dietary supplement categories.*  Nature Made® Probiotics are easily found at Walmart, so there is no excuse.

Have a hobby. Don’t forget that you are a person too.  Being a mom isn’t the only hat you wear.  You still have a soul that is uniquely you, don’t give up everything that feeds your inner soul.  Crave out time to do something you enjoy.  Time is a precious commodity, but pencil in a little to do something you enjoy.  You will thank yourself and properly find you are more refreshed than you could have realized.

Take a break occasionally.  Give yourself permission to steal away a few minutes of quiet without making yourself feel guilty.  Make an appointment to get your haircut, get a massage or just go grocery shopping alone.  We need some time to ourselves, that is okay.

Sometimes we need a little encouragement in the right direction.  Sometimes we need to tell ourselves we are enough.  And daily, we need to take care of ourselves.  I applaud all you moms out there!  I truly, truly do y’all.  Give yourself a hug and take care of yourself, your family will thank you!

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*Based on the 2016 U.S. News & World Report – Pharmacy Times Survey.
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