Mondays, Homeschool & Changing Email Services

Good morning, Monday on clipboard
Some people are just Monday people, others are not. I am beginning to think I love Mondays (when I am organized anyways). We have officially started homeschooling again this year and to make my life just a little easier, I am trying hard to prepare the evening before by creating checklists for the children, getting our books out and marked and pulling the worksheets ahead of time. This allows me to plan how I will tackle the day with the kids.

Mondays allow for a fresh start, a new week and new beginning….or atleast that is what I am telling myself now.

Are you are Monday person?

It has been several weeks since I last posted about changing email services for the blog. We are ready to make the switch and will be turning off our RSS feed for good. If you are reading this post via email, if you wish to continue to receive updates from Our Homemade Life, please resubscribe in the box at the bottom of this post. If you do not, we will really miss having you!

I will no longer be sending out daily emails, as it is set currently. Rather with my new service, I will be sending out a weekly email, unless there is a special update or news to share. I don’t plan to send out extras often. This will allow me to not be one of those pesky emails clogging up your inbox, but you can still keep in touch with highlights from the blog as well as other goodies I will be sharing.

Lastly, I am sharing the link to my blog survey one last time. I understand that time is not a commodity, rather it is something that is so precious we can not multiply. I do truly value your time and want to be able to share about things you are personally interested in. Please consider taking just a few moments to answer the four questions in this blog survey to help me understand what you would personally enjoy reading.

Thank-you so much for being a reader! Many of you signed up to receive my blog emails way back in early 2011 as I was just getting the ball rolling, thank-you for still being here with my on my journey.

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