Money Saving Mom’s Budget Book Review

I have to say I was so delighted to have been chosen to receive a pre-lease copy of Crystal’s Book: The Money Saving Mom’s Budget to review!  When I found Crystal Paine’s site Money Saving Mom I was hooked.  She is so candid about her life’s experiences, her families decisions, and her finances on her blog in hopes of helping others-which she does!  If you are looking to improve your financial situation this book is a great read!  Even if you are already following a budget, Crystal shows practical ways to tweak it to really get the most for your money!

I was raised in a family of seven and my mother taught us to be very frugal.  I have always used coupons and rarely ever paid full price for anything in my life.  But we never know what life will throw our way and now as a mother of a two and three year old that yearns to stay home with my precious little ones, I have found myself being frugal in many new ways!

I found this book to not only be very informative and insightful but also very motivational.  Crystal doesn’t just teach people the only way to save money is to coupon.  She first touches the root cause of why any of us are in the situations we are in.  Do I have a plan, do I know where I am going, not just now but what are my goals in 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years?  Then she stresses the need to plan, to sit down and have goals, very specific financial goals and how to conquer them by breaking them down into pieces that are truly attainable for anyone, no matter what type of financial situation we are in.

The chapter on “Chaos and Clutter-are they keeping you from financial success” I found to be personally motivating!  I love organization, but due to remodeling a home for over 6 years now and many hiccips along the way I feel that I have lost my way.  I feel defeated many days as soon as I wake up knowing that I will work all day with very little visible results.  I can say that I have decided after reading Crystal’s book, I will no longer use my house as an excuse any longer.  I am going to make a change now.  If you feel like I do, this chapter will truly motivate you to change your situation!

And of course this book does give in depth advice about couponing as it is very important to saving money but not the only way.  Crystal lists 25 ways to say money on groceries with out using coupons!  But for me this book was more about changing ourselves, the way we view our money and being content.  Throughout the book Crystal shares her successes and her failures.  What she and her husband did that may seem extreme to others to accomplish their goals.   Bottom line, they didn’t worry what others thought, they were content with what they had been blessed with and lived a simple and content life in order to reach their goals!

My life has taught me that we truly do not need much to be happy but we must learn to be content to achive that happiness!  Crystal hits this spot on in her book!  Even if you already coupon, and think you live a very simple life, this book puts many things into perspective.  How far are we willing to go or what are we willing to give up to accomplish what is truly important to us?   I am sure you will find this book to be very touching and motivating as I did.  You can pre-order a copy now on Amazon and it is due to be released January 10th, 2012.

Crystal’s motto is to live simply, save aggressively & give generously.  Crystal continues to use her successes to help others that are less forunate than herself.  All the proceeds of her book will be donated to Compassion International, a child advocacy group that feeds and clothes underprivledged children all over the world!


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