Monsters U In Theaters & Easy Pom Pom Mike Craft


With MONSTERS UNIVERSITY now playing in theatres everywhere, my kids have been seeing MU products everywhere!  We are headed to the city this weekend so I hoping to make time to take the kids to see it.  They are so excited!

Today we sat down and made ourselves a Mini Mike.  Isn’t he cute?

If you are headed to take the family to see the new Monsters University why not take a few minutes to get your kids excited with a MU Coloring Sheet  or make a mini pom pom Mike.   They are super simple! 

Mike Pom Pom Craft

Mini Pom Pom Mike Craft

You will need a large lime green Pom pom, a wiggly eye, small matching piece of felt, a scrap piece of black paper, a scrap piece of brown paper and a glue gun.

Mike supplies

Carefully cut a small triangle from your light brown paper and then snip each of the edges off into mini triangles for his ears.  Next cut a half circle from your black paper for his mouth.  Mike Paper pieces

Cut out two small rectangles from the felt that are about an inch by an inch and a half long.  Next cut out three toes by cutting small triangles from the felt.

Mike feet

Carefully take your glue gun and glue your large eye on the front, followed by the feet, mouth and ears.

Mike gluing

Then let your kids use their imaginations!  You can even place small magnets on his feet so they can walk him up your refrigerator.

Mike and Kids

Have you seen Monsters University yet?


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4 thoughts on “Monsters U In Theaters & Easy Pom Pom Mike Craft”

  1. My son is going to make this for his 2nd grade merchant day project! I assume this will all cost less then $8. That is one of the rules along with being creative and the kids do it alone 😉

    1. These are simple and he should be able to do it on his own. I hope it enjoys it and yes, you should be able to get it all under $8!

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