Hippie Love? Try Moraki Cloth Diapers


To think of starting my cloth stash all over again is a bit overwhelming!  When my diapers started rolling in, I have to admit that I started to get a little excited!  Who says that even basic prefolds are something to get excited about?  Then I started to get some really fun diapers!

While I was staying away from home, close to the hospital waiting for baby Bethany to arrive, Hubby brought me some of my mail (only a few pieces he knew I would enjoy!)  To say I was excited to open the package containing y new Moraki Inc. Hippie Tie-Dye diaper would be an understatement.  What can I say, he knows me well after being married for over ten years!

My Aunt was intrigued, this didn’t look like any type of cloth diaper she had ever seen.  It gave me the opportunity to explain to her just how much cloth diapers had changed over the years.  Yes, I still use some prefolds but the “rubber pants” that my Mother used 30+ years ago are long gone!


First off, how fun is the print of this Hippie diaper?

Tie-dye is so fitting when I think of being crunchy.  Moraki offers so many fun and absolutely adorable patterns with their cloth diapers!  It isn’t just the print that makes this cloth diaper different though.   This is a one sized diaper that thanks to all the snaps can be adjusted to fit a baby from 7 pounds to 40 pounds!

This Moraki cloth diaper can be worn as a pocket diaper that can be stuffed with an insert for simple, easy use.  This diaper can also works as an AI2 diaper (all-in-two).  With the Fold –to-Fit™ insert added, when it is ready to be changed you are able to remove the insert and simply replace it with a new one to be able to reuse the cover for more than one changing.

I haven’t had a chance to use the diaper just yet on Bethany as she is just over 9 pounds so Addie was more than willing to try out the new Moraki Hippie diaper.  After prepping it I couldn’t help but notice that the insert was very thin and trim compared to some of the others we have.  I love that this allows for the diaper to have a much trimmer fit but was wondering just how much it would affect the absorbency.  We tried it out overnight and no leaks!

The insert wicked away the moisture so the diaper didn’t feel excessively wet.  Addie is about 28 pounds now and there was still ample room for growth in the diaper.  I know it will be one of my favorites for Bethany.


About Moraki Cloth Diapers

Moraki evolved from a Mother’s desire to protect her own children and the earth.  The name Moraki actually is from a Greek word meaning baby, such a fitting name.

Moraki is a small family business located in California and all diapers are made in the US  Charlie is so confident you will LOVE your new diapers that they offer a 30-day wash and wear guarantee as well as a 18 month warranty.  What other cloth diaper company stands behind their products that way?

I know that our new tie-dye diaper will be one of our very favorites!  I can’t wait until I am able to wear it on baby Bethany!

What is your favorite feature of the Moraki Hippie diaper?

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