Morning Coffee or Afternoon Drinker?

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Although I really am a morning person, these days I often work at night, after the children are sleeping.  That means morning times roll around way too soon for me.  My children are early risers, thankfully they are also love to snuggle!  There is something about waking up to the rich, warm aroma of coffee.  I find the deep, intense smells of coffee invigorating!  If you a morning coffee drinker, don’t you agree!  I may start my morning off by dragging a bit but usually I am quickly energized, and thankfully so, because our days are full!

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Growing up I never understood my Mother’s adoration of coffee.  She would sip on her coffee, usually just black not flavored coffee, all day long!  When we would find random mugs in the house I would smile, Mother had been here.  I didn’t appreciate that those were her few minutes of the day, she would close her eyes and relax, until now.  Coffee is one thing that makes me think of my Mother.

Now that I have three children (compared to my Mother’s five), I appreciate just how long some days can be.  I love my children and wouldn’t change a single day being a stay work-at-home mom but that doesn’t mean some days are not longer than others.  You can take a little peak into my day by watching the video clip below.  (Music selection courtesy of Addie.)

Since the kids are usually up with the sun (some days quiet literally), we try to get an early start.  I love that my new Mr. Coffee® Optimal Brew™ drip coffee maker can be all set to be ready and waiting when we wake in the morning.  Bryan doesn’t make coffee for himself, he has a coffee bar in his store but if it is made when he gets up he is happy to help me drink it.

After spending just a few quick minutes to myself in the mornings, we are ready for the day.  It consists of breakfast, school, laundry, cleaning, lunch, school, laundry, cleaning, crafts, art, dinner, laundry, cleaning… get the picture.  About 2:30pm is when I start dragging again.  We usually grab a protein based snack and hopefully a few minutes of quiet time.  These are my moments, when like my Mother I can close my eyes, smell my flavored coffee and recharge.

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While I was shopping at Walmart for my Mr. Coffee® Optimal Brew™ drip coffee maker, I noticed the new Millstone® coffee packages.  Okay, so the honest truth, it wasn’t the packaging I noticed, it was the flavors that caught my eye!  With Hazelnut Cream, Chocolate Velvet and French Vanilla, how could I not?  I bought one of each flavor!  Millstone® coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans so it has a rich, smooth texture.

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The first bag calling me was the Chocolate Velvet.  What can I say, I have a chocolate addiction?  You know those commercials that show the beautiful waterfalls, the serene beaches and the bubble baths, yep close your eyes and take me there!  I can’t wait to try the others.


Now, my new coffee maker, it is awesome!  I would call this multi-cup the best coffee maker for several reasons.  The programing is awesome but I love the stainless insulated carafe that takes the place of the glass pot.  The fact that you can pull it right off from brewing and it not be hot is awesome!  It doesn’t leak so you can brew your coffee and take the entire carafe with you on-the-go.  It has a water filter that actually has a place for you to track inside, simply slide the red marker so you know when you need to replace it.  The water loads on the side, as does the coffee.  In just about a minute you can have it loaded up and ready to brew now or program it for later.

Now that I have shared with you a little about my coffee journey, I would love to know yours!

Are you a morning coffee drinker, afternoon or evening?  Do you like it black or with cream and sugar?  Flavored or original?

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17 thoughts on “Morning Coffee or Afternoon Drinker?”

  1. How do I enjoy my coffee? I enjoy it every morning before I take my dog out for a walk! Just relaxing in peace and quiet!

  2. Leigh Anne Borders

    I enjoy my coffee each morning while I sit on the front porch;) Great way to start the day!

  3. Yum. I am an avid coffee drinker and sometimes need that little pick me up even in the afternoon. It gets me through my day and I wake up looking forward to that first sip!

  4. I enjoy my coffee with two creams and one sugar. I usually have it out on my patio in the morning while checking my emails. And I drink my coffee throughout the day.

  5. Thank you…coffee is a love in my love. It keeps me connected to my late father. He’d always say when I asked him why he didn’t call before coming over to visit so I could make coffee, “You’re a McConnico, the coffee should always be on!” I miss him.

  6. I LOVED your video clip! I drink my coffee first thing since I am an early riser myself. On cold days and late afternoon times when I need that pick me up.

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