Motherhood Made Easy When You Hug the Mess

Being a mom of four, we have our fair share of daily messes. They can range from diaper blow-outs to spilled milk or frosting painted on my window (like yesterday). Sometimes I stress out, but having lots and lots of messes under my belt in the last nine years, more often than not I try to laugh it off. There are times that their messes require a hose down in the shower, other times I reach for my dependable wipes. Since having my first child in early 2008, wipes are a constant in every bag I leave the house with, that has never changed.

Yesterday we had a second Disney Kids playdate and the little ones had so much fun!  We posed for photos using fun props and the kids brought the silliness.  They hugged and kissed the large life sized Mickey balloon.  We searched for hidden Mickeys in a game.  Watched the new Happily Ever After fireworks on YouTube and danced to the Mickey show from Magic Kingdom.

In between all the fun, we ate!  And ate some more!  What happens when you give 11 kids cupcakes and chocolate covered Mickey rice crispy treats?  You guessed it!  Messes!  Lots and lots of messes.  They were yummy messes so some of the little ones tried to clean the messes with their tongues, my little guy, well he really gets into his food!  He needed more than a little assistance.  It was Huggies wipes to the rescue!  He not only had chocolate all over his face and hands, he had managed to paint the window seal and glass with his vanilla frosting.  I couldn’t help but laugh a little and think of the sticky stories we would tell as he got older.

Be sure to watch the short clip below from the party and Caleb’s clean-up fun.  Although there is a lot of background noise (were talking about 20 people in the house), you can hear him talking and he is uber cute.

Messes are just a part of life with children.  They can even be fun.  Hey, even as adults we can make some pretty big messes without their help.  I recently managed to spill my drink at a small café last week and there were no children around to blame.  Rather than get worked up over the messes, we try to realize it is just another moment in life’s big book of raising children.  Those moments pass by much too quickly.

We are in the home stretch with children in diapers and I am a bit excited!  Caleb is our fourth and final kiddo and is my only child in diapers.  We have not had a day in the last nine plus years without one or two children in diapers.  To say he is a Mickey Mouse fan is quite the understatement.  Those are two words he says as clear as day.  He loves that his Huggies Snug & Dry diapers feature his best bud Mickey Mouse!  They were recently reformatted to now have increased absorbency at the same great value.

The Huggies One & Done Refreshing Wipes are packaged to ensure that only one wipe comes out at time so there is no waste and your wipes don’t dry out.  There is nothing more frustrating than being ready to change a dirty diaper and being stuck with dry wipes.  They are thick and absorbent and ready to tackle even the biggest of messes!

Family Dollar and Huggies are trying to make it easy to #HugTheMess with your children.  Having parents pocketbooks in mind, they currently are offering a $2 off coupon for Huggies Snug & Dry diapers here. I love the ease of digital coupons because they don’t require anything more than a few taps on the screen and no paper coupons to loose along the way.  I always have super helpful shopping helpers who love to help me make selections.  Buying Huggies at Family Dollar is a no brainer; the price for is a great for a large quantity of Huggies Snug & Dry diapers and Huggies One & Done Refreshing Wipes.

Although motherhood is a sticky journey that has lots of mountains to climb along the way, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Thank you Huggies and Family Dollar for encouraging moms to #HugTheMess of motherhood.  You can find your closest Family Dollar location here.

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