How Much Clothing Do I Really Need?

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With three kids that are needing a new size it seems with every season, I sometimes feel that I have clothing coming out my ears.  I know you Mamas have to relate!  This summer we did quite a bit of traveling and since I did most of it solo, I had to be realistic with what I thought we REALLY needed!  It turned out, with summer clothing, I could pack all four of us four pairs of clothing, jammies, socks, swimming suits and all our unmentionables in my American Tourister piece of luggage.  It was quite thrilling to actually get it all to fit!

Even better, it was liberating to travel with so little!

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After doing this twice in the course of just at a month it helped me to appreciate two things.  One, it was so easy to have the outfits matched together and ready to go.  There was no guess-work for the kids which pieces matched or what went with what, they simply grabbed an outfit for the day in seconds.  Second, I normally do laundry typically every other day but on our trips we had enough clothing for four days (along with the clothing we were wearing, so really five barring spills or accidents) so running out of clothing was really not an issue.

Third, we have WAY TOO MANY pieces of clothing!  Ok, so I said two but the reality was, when I came home I decided I wanted to condense our clothing to a more minimal wardrobe.  I am not saying I want only four or five outfits, but maybe 7-8 that mix and match would be great!

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I started weeding through their summer wardrobes almost immediately after we returned home.  I have not purchased another piece of summer clothing for any of the kids since.  Fast forward and now it is August.  August is the time most families start to think about going back-to-school which also means new clothing for the new school year.  I never understood much why we would purchase new summer clothing with autumn right around the corner, but we did.  For myself now with my children, August is the month I take a survey of the fall/winter wardrobe I have for the children.  Since I purchase sales, end of season clearances and thrift and consignment stores, I often have a great deal of what I need for the next season.  It is a huge relief to my pocketbook to not have to purchase entire wardrobes to be able to outfit three growing kiddos.

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This year I decided I would make a list of what I had and fill in the blanks so each child could have eight everyday outfits and six dress outfits.  This would allow us to get through two weeks of dress clothes and a full week (not that I ever wait that long to wash!) of every day clothing.  I had a fairly complete wardrobe for Addie but both Austin and Bethany lacked some of the colder weather essentials.

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Knowing what I actually needs helps me to save money so that I don’t purchase pieces I really do not need because they are a good deal.  I am a big thrifter and second-hand store shopper but with three kids in tow it can make looking at clothing a little bit hectic!  Ok, so actually a lot hectic!  When I found I was immediately hooked!  From the comforts of my own computer I can browse their ever-changing inventory to find the pieces I need for each of the children without paying anywhere close to retail, actually up to 90% off!  Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?

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It is no secret here on the blog I am a huge Gymboree fan.  I love that I can search thredUP by brand (especially Gymboree!), size and article of clothing I am looking for.  Their site is so easy to navigate.  I found several pieces of clothing and even shoes that I needed for Austin and Bethany as well as a couple of fun pieces for me this week! There are seriously thousands of pieces of clothing to choose from.  I snagged a beautiful Nine West sweater and Born flats that I couldn’t be more excited about trying out.

Even though I really like to put my hands on each piece of clothing, I have ordered from thredUP in the past and know the strict quality standards the clothing must make to be a keeper.  Each piece of clothing is tagged to explain the condition so you can make an informed decision.

Convinced you might want to try

What are you waiting for?  It is a no brainer for me but if you need incentive, you can save $10 off your first order by clicking through to here.

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